In today’s xcolander review, we will critically introduce the xcolander faucet, which you can use and make full use of in August. Ripple (XRP) once again ranks third among the encryption assets with the highest market value. The increasing popularity and expansion of the encryption market has attracted many people – encryption enthusiasts, investors and users – to enter the digital asset industry. One of the easiest ways to access encrypted assets, including ripple, is to use xcolander.

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Xcolander Pros and Cons


Xcolander Pros

  • Xcolander has an easy to read white paper and a section on BFG on the website, detailing how games, cash returns and dividends work. It also provides a clear roadmap that looks consistent with the deliverables
  • After several weeks of different functional tests, I didn’t find any problems with xcolander, whether it didn’t receive BFG tokens or the website used for daily dividend pool payment. I also confirm that I can withdraw and deposit xcolander’s BTC from the website without any problems
  • Xcolander seems to have followed the appropriate rules because the United States is restricted from participating in several Olympic Games and blocked IP from the region
  • You can view xcolander’s platform and your account in real time. For some people, this may not be a professional player, but I find it more legitimate because I can say that my brother joined
  • Xcolander has more than 25000 members. I usually read a telegram to see what people are saying. I don’t really see any negative factors that deserve attention


Xcolander Cons

  • This website is relatively new. In the encrypted world, this is pretty good, but night flying websites and tokens come and go, which can be a dangerous signal.
  • Although xcolander is quite detailed, there is no mention of the xcolander team. Usually a project will include team members and their LinkedIn profile, but I have been unable to find them, so xcolander is unknown.
  • There is no KYC on xcolander at present. Many people don’t like that KYC is needed for the project, but it does legalize the project because it means that they are complying with government rules. They have said that they are trying to increase KYC, but before implementation, I think it is a risk.
  • Currently, xcolander is not listed on any exchange. This one may be a deal breaker, because if the website doesn’t trade anywhere, who will say that the owner of the website doesn’t manipulate the price of each token, etc. The team has the mark on the road map and said in the cable chat that they are trying to make the mark listed on the exchange, but it is a risk before we see xcolander online. At present, the way I look at tokens is to bet on their platform to earn BTC, and then I can gamble with xcolander or withdraw money from my wallet.

What is xcolander?


Xcolander is a multi-purpose litecoin, ripple, zcash, bitcoin gold, unit and TRX. Xcolander’s language is English, but it is simple and direct to use. Due to the graphics of the website, it is very clean and well designed. With a certain number of recommendations, payment can be realized in a short time. Xcolander also has an internal lottery that issues coins every week.

How does xcolander work?


Xcolander attracted my attention. The same reason is because of the word “multi faucet”; Only realize that you can only collect one coin every 15 minutes.

Therefore, in order to actually collect all 8 available encrypted faucets, you must log them in for 2 hours; If I run around, it’s impossible for me. That’s not practical. However, xcolander has a higher chance of getting a higher collection (in enhanced mode) than my favorite moon series.

Is xcolander legit or a scam?


The legitimate bitcoin faucet has been paying users since then. There are also some taps that can provide an alternative to cryptocurrency. ” The main problem is that many people are skeptical about spending their statutory funds on BTC, because they are still not sure whether it is worth it. Multi pay per click advertising is an easy daily task every day! The Alexa global ranking of is 71967 and 14940 in Brazil. Its global ranking has risen 42861 since three months ago. According to’s advertising revenue estimate, its value is $608368. receives about 446 unique visitors every day. Its web server is located in Los Angeles, California, with an IP address of According to siteadvisor, you can safely access So far, xcolander is a safe and legal website.

Main functions of xcolander


  • Free ripple every 60 minutes: xcolander users can get a free ripple every hour by paying a simple game fee. Moreover, for some lucky users, XRP enthusiasts can win $300 with the click of a button.
  • XRP instant withdrawal: some XRP faucets require users to wait for a period of time before receiving payment. Not Using coinfacet, users can extract XRP immediately after meeting the minimum extraction amount (i.e. 1 XRP).
  • High return XRP recommendation program: users who recommend friends to coinfaucet will enjoy 50% of their income. Moreover, there is no limit to the number of recommendations that a user can apply for XRP.
  • Interactive social media: coinfaucet has an interactive social media, which occasionally publishes free promotion code for additional scrolling/rotation, and finally increases the chances of users to win more XRP.

How to make money from xcolander?


You select a coin from the seven processed xcolander faucets, and then you are guided to the faucet and activated every 15 minutes. You need to do some verification. Just like in all types of faucets, you will credit your coins to your account, and you will be able to collect these coins when the minimum withdrawal is reached.

In the internal lottery, you must use the accumulated points to buy the lottery and have the chance to win every week. Xcolander has about 20000 active users, divided into different available currencies. In the upper right corner of the xcolander website, there are the same keys to access all parts. It is very easy to participate in xcolander.

Xcolander Withdrawal


The minimum expenditure depends on the currency you decide to use, because litecoin is 0.00600000 and ripple is 2. For each expenditure, the fee will be automatically adjusted when the balance request is made, except for unit, which does not charge a fee.

Payment will arrive in 1 – 2 days.

Xcolander is one of the most popular cryptocurrency earning websites; has existed since 2015. Since 2020, has not withdrawn funds directly from the wallet, and the funds can only be withdrawn through

Xcolander Withdrawal Thresholds:

  • 0.00400000 LTC (fee: 0.00200000 LTC),
  • 0.01000000 BCD (fee: 0.00500000 BCD),
  • 0.00100000 BTG (fee: 0.00050000 BTG),
  • 1.50000000 XRP (fee: 1.00000000 XRP),
  • 10.00000000 TRX (fee: 5.00000000 TRX),
  • 0.00200000 ZEC (fee: 0.00100000 ZEC),
  • 4.00000000 XLM (no fee).


Xcolander affiliate program

Xcolander provides a recommendation system that varies according to the number of people registered below you. From a minimum of 2% to a maximum of 20%.

Is xcolander worth it?


If I really want to use this xcolander, I must choose it wisely, otherwise I will only waste a lot of time; It happens that I have another website. I have been awarded eobot for 3 years. I usually use it to “passively mine steem” every day until it reaches 10 steem for withdrawal (as I tested before). There are three special encrypted coins that can also be used for faucet collection, and two-thirds are free withdrawal. This may be something to investigate.



I suggest you get a bonus called claim booster. Xcolander can be obtained in several ways: you can participate in the membership program, and you can win a bonus in the daily lottery. The claim boost will be issued within a certain period of time, during which your reward will be much higher. It is worth adding that xcolander cannot raise coins in automatic mode, which will never be realized. Please note that the website named xcolander but registered in different domain regions has nothing to do with does not and will not have official mobile applications for Android or IOS. All the apps you can find in the store are fake and have nothing to do with

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