Everything you should know about Prohashing! Prohashing Review for you! From the end of 2017 to 2018, Prohashing further expanded into a team, including 2 of the original 3 professionals, and added 2 engineers to help support, stabilize and upgrade.

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Prohashing Features


Prohashing provides charts and real-time status data to show how much revenue customers can expect at any time. When new blocks appear and new prices are obtained from the exchange, the real-time data will be updated immediately‚Äú The “mining customers” page displays the selected stocks, and the formula for calculating FPP returns is provided in the document.

What is Prohashing?


The prohashing mining pool was launched in 2014 and supports hundreds of coins and tokens, as well as the payment of non mineable coins. Prohashing is suitable for various formats, such as payment per share (FPPS), payment per last n shares (PPLNs) and separate mining using multiple algorithms.

Mining model

The three models supported by prohashing are full payment per share (FPPS), last n-share payment per share (PPLNs) and separate mining.

In the simplest “full payment per share” mode, users can get a certain number of coins per share, regardless of whether they really find the block or not. It provides stable revenue, but users charge the highest fees here. In this model, dynamic mining can be used to switch to the coin with the best performance. For most miners, this is the most profitable option.

The last n-share payment mode allows the user to receive a reward for discovering the block, and further distribute the reward among all miners participating in the search for the block. In this model, profits are variable. Compared with the previous options (payment per share model), the cost is lower, but it is impossible to conduct dynamic mining here. As a miner who pays the last n shares, you can work with one coin, and your remuneration will be priced in the same coin. This model is suitable for drilling rigs with long restart time.

The last option is solo mining, which rewards users to find blocks, regardless of whether other miners find the same block or not. In all three models, the variance of this model is the highest. When a block is found, the user’s reward will be credited to the transaction fee account at 98.01% of the value of the whole block. As part of the reward for finding combined blocks, solo miners still receive a small reward. With prohashing, solo miners can get a simple solution to deal with specific coins without installing coin demons or building a pool for themselves. Their bonus amount is paid in target coins.

In its help section, prohash details how to adjust the miner to achieve the highest hash rate.


Use of layered protocols

The stratigraphic protocol has been widely used by miners, but it may be outdated for mature modern mining. Therefore, it is recommended that each mining equipment rely on separate stratum connections, even if these connections belong to the same IP address.

Orphan bonus

When an isolated block of prohashing is mined, the reward increases. The goal is to mine the next block at the top of the isolated block to earn profits from both blocks. This bonus is available by default, and users can subscribe to it without any special action.

Work starts again

In some cases, work may be restarted. For example, another pool or another Prohashing miner may find blocks for the coins the user is mining. It may also happen that the excavated coins are placed incorrectly. There are other conditions that can cause work to restart. The delay associated with this restart is short.

How does prohashing work?


In addition to the above possibilities, prohasing mining services provides the following functions:

  • Track the power data of individual miners or define groups of miners
  • Customer service, including telephone support
  • Select charities to support
  • 124 automatic conversion coins and 10 combined coins
  • Portfolio objectives
  • In addition, look at the possibility of workers by digging coins and difficulty levels
  • Referral plan
  • Hardware specific configuration generator
  • The protection measures include 2fa, notification in case of payment address change, alarm notification setting in case of payment address change, and the possibility of blocking tor network access.
  • Prohashing uses the web application messaging protocol (Wamp) to support getting pool statistics.
  • The website displays real-time statistics of the following categories: expected payment of 1 MH / s, payment coins owed, total daily income of miners, charity income of yesterday, number of miners, coins mined by day, pool hash rate and power consumption.
  • When the payment is performed for the USD account holder, the BTC balance is transferred to the coinbase account and converted into USD. If the conversion fails three times in a row, the BTC balance will remain in the coinbase account. Payment is a daily problem. You can set custom expense threshold options. Each coin has a minimum, maximum and default threshold.
  • Performing payments after the balance reaches the threshold is a way to enhance pool security by denying potential hackers access to these amounts. It is worth mentioning that payment is free.

Is hashing legit or a scam?


We believe that for most people, holding money in any of these companies is safer than trying to build a refrigeration solution. However, there are two exceptions. NEXO avoids talking about the registration information. Once an exit scam occurs, it has no recourse, and Abra’s 4-digit pin application security makes the mobile phone too vulnerable to attack as a single point of failure.

For 99% of people, even companies engaged in high-risk activities are safer than refrigeration. If you don’t know what entropy is, how bip39 works, why it’s important to write keys with pencil instead of storing them on CD or pen, what does “xpub” mean, or how to use Linux command line, your category has a higher probability of making mistakes than one of these companies losing money.

Pros and cons of Prohashing


Prohashing Pros

  • The platform supports the payment of multiple coins and all coins, as well as non exploitable coins.
  • It enables miners to monitor their workers.
  • Portfolio management.
  • Free withdrawal every day.
  • Diversified and reliable mining.
  • Support PPLN, FPP and separate payment mode.

Prohashing Cons

  • The platform has been declared unreliable on different websites.
  • Expensive mining equipment.

Prehashing registration

Prohashing is registered in Pennsylvania and therefore complies with U.S. regulations. However, strict rules ensure that users of the pool will be paid.

How to profit from prohashing?


Prohashing’s expense table is listed in its document. There are no hidden charges or balances due. When it is higher than the payment threshold, the payment is free. When it is lower than the threshold, only the network fee is charged to the customer.

Prohashing extraction


Since transactions with all outputs are published, the average cost is much lower than when using the normal input/output transaction method. By checking the second line of the address box, you can find the provisional charge for the next day’s payment. The cost also varies depending on the algorithm applied (e.g., script, ethash) and the mining model (dynamic FPPS mining, static FPPS mining, separate mining, PPLNs mining). The pool specifies a uniform predictable cost for each algorithm. Prohashing sets it to allow users to mine the most profitable coins.

Costs take into account many factors, such as the risks associated with mining, slippage, business costs, and how to create the highest possible income (or profitability) for miners.

Prohashing affiliate program


The next one is very simple and applies to anything you do online. That’s the membership program.

They all have membership / referral programs. Some of them did quite well. They are easy to join. Basically, they have an account, click the recommendation program on a given site, and distribute the link to friends who want to enter the encryption, so that when they deposit and get crazy profits, you can get a little rebate.

Of course, you can also open a blog like me, post your member links on the blog and other places on the Internet, and hope someone can click on them*

Is prohash worth it?

As you can see, there are many ways for you to get some free encryption, let your vault start, and let your feet wet handle encryption games. You can convert it into something and store it for a long time, or throw it into the market and play the day trader game, because if you lose everything, you can start freely.

Until next time, remember, I’m not your financial advisor. This is not financial advice. It’s just a random guy who tells you his understanding of the encrypted world on the Internet. I hope we can all make money.


Ultimately, it will be difficult, possible, but also difficult to exploit dogecoin in a profitable manner. Although dogecoin is worth millions of dollars, it has never really focused on money or profits. This is an open and welcoming community for password lovers who are willing to learn and share.

Therefore, in the spirit of community, mining Dogecoin is a convenient way to enter the field of encryption. With new and more affordable mining options, such as the production of USB script ASIC mining machines, the barriers to participation are lower than ever before.


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