Everything you should know about OKEx! OKEx Review for you! In addition to Fiat encrypted transactions, OKEx also provides OTC encrypted transactions. More than 400 tokens can be found on the platform, from big names such as bitcoin and ripple to emerging currencies such as Chia and dogecoin.

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OKEx Pros and Cons


OKEx Pros

  • A wide range of crypto trading products, including futures, options and permanent swaps
  • Free mobile applications or web accessible desktop platforms
  • Lightning network accelerates BTC payment
  • Support yield tillage and pool piling
  • More than 400 leading and emerging tokens
  • Unified account consolidation
  • Legal cipher converter
  • Learning College
  • Competitive expenses

OKEx Cons

  • Limited regulatory oversight
  • Hit and miss customer support Reviews

What is OKEx?

OKEx, founded in 2017 and headquartered in Seychelles, is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that uses blockchain technology to provide customers with a wide range of trading product portfolios. Hundreds of tokens are available to customers in more than 200 countries.

With BTC futures trading $1.5 billion a day through the platform, its owner and CEO made headlines. The number of users interested in its spot, margin, options, permanent swaps, defi and mining services is also increasing.

Recently, OKEx changed its name from okcoin to Malta, and launched the encrypted exchange white label service. The company’s announcement also shows that the broker is developing its own blockchain called okchain.

How does OKEx work?



Customers can also speculate in the digital money market using quarterly futures, permanent swaps and options. For traders interested in these alternative products, they can sort out useful data in an easy to digest format, including the latest price, recent trading volume and open position information.

The product library is growing, so please visit the OKEx website for the latest token list.


Crypto broker provides a trouble free web access platform. Once you have login details, you can open the online platform through the OKEx website.

Through the clean interface and intuitive dashboard, customers can view the encrypted price in real time, buy and sell bitcoin and other digital assets with just a few clicks, and set real-time price change alerts on the coins they pay attention to. The platform also allows you to compare the token prices of various exchanges and analyze transaction volume data.

For mobile traders, IOS and Android apps can be downloaded from relevant app stores. With all the same features as desktop computers, users can make price forecasts and start making money through the broker’s product suite.

Customers’ evaluation of the platform is positive, emphasizing reliability and direct joining process. The agent’s demo account can also be used on mobile applications.

OKEx provides guidance on how to use and trade on the platform when you register an account.

Is OKEx legit or a scam?

OKEx is a legal cryptocurrency exchange company with operations in more than 200 countries and offices in Seychelles and Malta. Although it has not obtained the permission of a well-known regulatory authority, the company has more than 20 million customers on its accounts.

As a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange, OKEx uses a complex security architecture. In addition to cold storage multi signature wallets, the company also uses distributed server clusters. 2fa through Google authenticator can also be used to provide additional security layers for funds.

Customers may need to meet the various KYC authentication levels of the exchange before they withdraw profits. This is an increasingly common practice in encryption platforms aimed at reducing fraud and money laundering.

Despite these precautions, no encrypted exchange is truly secure because reports of hacker problems and account passwords are bypassed. Since then, the company has introduced new security guidelines, but we still recommend caution when investing in encryption.

OKEx Features


For those who have just entered the field of encryption, too many choices may be daunting. Although OKEx has so many financial options, the arrangement of the platform is simple and popular. With a large number of cryptocurrency pairs, from Fiat to cryptogateway, it is easy to understand why OKEx has become one of the largest exchanges in the world. The number of choices you have is the only reason to add OKEx to your swap track:

Fiat to crypto ramp:

OKEx supports more than 400 transaction pairs, allowing you to convert your Fiat into a password using Apple Pay, Visa, MasterCard, bank transfer, Alipay, WeChat payment, etc. They also support 30 codons from Canadian dollar (CAD), Japanese yen (CNY), euro (EUR), Japanese yen (JPY), Hong Kong dollar (HKD), Chilean Peso (CLP), etc.

Margin trading:

With up to 125 times leverage for margin trading, as well as perpetual, futures and options trading, users can trade with a large number of tools.

Financing options:

Earn provides too many financial options that allow you to earn passive income through encrypted holding, loan, jumpstart token betting function, mining pool, OKEx bridge function, okb public token, OKEx cloud and OKEx blockdream ventures. There are many options to choose from, some of which are the most extensive in the industry.

Additional security options:

Through mandatory 2fa authentication, mobile authentication, Google authenticator option and anti phishing code, OKEx is right to make security a priority.

Decentralized switching options:

In addition to standard DEX transactions, OKEx’s decentralized platform also provides swap transactions, liquidity pools, farm pools and decentralized wallets. OKEx provides tools for those who want to trade in a decentralized manner.

In general, OKEx will give you insight into the cryptocurrency ecosystem and provide you with options you can try. The platform attempts to become a “one-stop market”. In many ways, OKEx has been successful in this regard.

OKEx registration

OKEx provides 9 different live accounts according to your needs. Everyone’s registration process is relatively simple, just fill in a simple registration form on the broker’s website. New customers must submit basic contact information and may need to prove their identity before they start buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

How to make money from OKEx?


The beauty of crypto exchanges is that they have many ways to make money without spending all day trading and looking at charts. For example, we provide a large number of promotions and transactions, allowing you to register and start learning and transaction encryption technology. It’s not like going to Wal Mart to get a “rebate coupon”. In encryption, payment is usually immediate. Watch some educational encrypted videos and distribute tokens immediately. Send a recommendation link to a friend and get it immediately when they click BTC. It’s sweet.

Other tools provided by the exchange, such as OKEx, allow you to take advantage of accrued interest, betting and loan services. It requires you to spend money to make money. Buy some tokens and earn daily interest (BET bonus). Anyway, you earn “free” bitcoin because you don’t have to work for it. You’re just saving/investing.

If you are an encrypted noob, I suggest you use this method to get involved in the encrypted world. Many people want to learn how to do intraday trading, but research shows that 99% of intraday traders lose money. A more cautious approach and starting point are to establish a solid foundation in an exchange and understand its operation and market operation. In all the efforts in life, it pays to spend time educating yourself.

I’ll show you how to earn a few hundred dollars this month by registering on the exchange (OKEx in this case) and following these steps. In this process, you will learn how different tokens, loans and bets work and the basic mechanism behind transactions. You can spend your money on jade and goose liver sushi. Or give your mother a good gift.

First, you can make money by registering and getting your first password. You can use the recommended link – this is mine. After you buy $100 encryption software for the first time, you will get an additional $10. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the platform. There are a lot of educational videos here.

Now you can create your own recommendation links and get rewards (navigate to more > recommendations > copy links). Send your own link to friends and get another $10 when they sign up. Encryption often appears as a topic, especially considering the recent BTC breakthrough of 10K and the sudden emergence of various alt. So, when this topic comes up, I believe that at least one of your friends will register with your link. Just mention it and pay another $10.

If you don’t want to bother asking your friends to register for exchange, here’s another way. Did you send a lot of emails? Why not use Hotmail hackers (this is how Hotmail grows from zero users to millions of users) and put your recommended links in your email signature (“free encryption” or other attractive things)? So you can set it, then forget it and earn a few more dollars a month.

By the way, once you have 10 people using your recommended links, you can become a member. Basically, this is a recommended link, but this time you get 30% of their trading profit. So if your friend registers and buys comp tokens worth $1000, this token has increased by 50% in the past 24 hours – when I write this article – you will get $500 = 30% of $150. Hell, investing $1000 in encryption is not that much, so I’m very conservative.


You don’t even have transaction encryption software. You’re already making money. Good job!

The next step is to make money and study. Navigate to the free bitcoin section and see five videos of the day – your “daily task”. Well, to be honest, you don’t earn much here, but there are many videos. You can make a few dollars in just five minutes a day. The greater benefit is non monetary. You are taking a crash course on encryption technology and have made some dineros in the process. beautiful

Finally, you can increase encrypted storage by betting. Simply put, betting is the act of locking cryptocurrency for reward. In most cases, you can bet coins directly from the encrypted wallet. Learn more about bets here. Please note that some exchanges, such as coinbase, charge high fees, so your bet reward will be significantly reduced (but this is not the case with OKEx).

On OKEx, navigate to OKExpool > transfer funds to bet account > select coins. You can view the maximum annual yield of coins below. For example, in xtz’s $1000 deposit, you will accumulate 6% or $60 (regardless of the increase in value) and pay in the form of a weekly bet reward. Or look at vsys – 10% reward. That’s better than putting money in the bank.

OKEx Trading Fee

OKEx stands out for its low transaction costs. In fact, the exchange offers some of the most competitive pricing we’ve ever seen. Fees are graded according to your 30 day average transaction volume. The low volume account will pay 0.15% maker fee and 0.2% pick-up fee. For active traders, this may fall to 0.02% of the creator fee and 0.05% of the recipient fee.

Fees are updated daily, and a transparent pricing table can be found on the website, so you can accurately understand the amount you will pay on the broker’s products and tokens, from usdt withdrawal fees to historical permanent swap financing rates.


OKEx deposits and withdrawals

OKEx accounts must be financed in digital currency – legal currency deposits are not accepted. Customers can use credit cards to purchase passwords, or transfer tokens from hardware wallet addresses or other exchanges. Encrypted transmission usually takes only a few minutes

When it comes to purchasing digital assets, customers can choose from a range of payment options, including credit and debit cards, bank transfers, Google payment and paypal. Support currencies such as USD, GBP and euro.

Although there is no deposit fee, the user needs to pay the withdrawal fee, which varies according to the encryption. The minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal limits also vary by token – please visit the broker’s website for a comprehensive list.

OKEx also provides “My Wallet” function, and customers can manage funds through different transaction accounts and tokens. Guidance on Financing interest rates, sale passwords and internal withdrawals can be found in the introductory guide to the exchange.

For most digital assets, OKEx does not charge a withdrawal fee. Of course, all transactions other than OKEx wallet need to pay blockchain transaction fees, which do not depend on the exchange.

OKEx Deposit and Withdrawal Method


OKEx foreign exchange deposits and withdrawals are mainly made through digital currency. Most assets that can be freely traded in the spot wallet can be easily accessed without paying unnecessary transaction costs.

OKEx does not have its own Fiat entry platform, but it has cooperated with a third party to accept Fiat deposits. Now, cryptocurrency can be purchased through visa card, MasterCard, apple payment and other channels. About 30 digital currencies can be purchased directly through US dollars, euros, British pounds, Korean won, Japanese yen, ruble, Turkish Lira, Ushi, etc.

Different Exchange Platform

Exchange Maker fee Taker fee Spread Deposit fee Withdrawal fee Exchange token discount Volume discount
OKEx 0.10% 0.15% Yes
Bibox 0.08% 0.15% Yes Yes No
Binance ≥3,000 0.18% 0.16% 11.10% 20% 0.14% 10%
Bitfinex ≥5,000 0.16% 0.14% 12.50% 40% 0.10% 20%
Bitstamp ≥20,000 0.14% 0.12% 14.30% 60% 0.06% 20%
Bittrex ≥50,000 0.12% 0.10% 16.70% 80% 0.02% 20%
Kraken ≥100,000 0.10% 0.08% 20% 100% 0.00% 30%
KuCoin ≥200,000 0.09% 0.07% 22.20% 100% 0.00% 30%
Liquid ≥300,000 0.08% 0.06% 25% 100% 0.00% 30%
Luno ≥500,000 0.07% 0.05% 28.60% 100% 0.00% 30%

OKEx bonuses and promotions

OKEx offers a choice of welcome bonuses and rewards. The most attractive publicity can be said to be free bitcoin gifts. When new customers buy and sell more than $100 on the platform, they can get $10 in BTC. After you register your account and download the mobile application, you can also complete the learning task and win an additional free BTC every day.

Users can get a rebate card of $30 t when depositing more than $100 and a rebate card of $50 t when trading more than $100 on the exchange. In addition, existing customers can use their unique recommendation code to invite new users to join the platform. Each recommendee can receive up to three BTC awards worth $10. Before you begin, please check the terms and conditions of the invitation.

Finally, it’s worth following the OKEx announcement page to learn more about the upcoming airdrop and the new promotion code.

Is OKEx worth it?


If you are willing to answer questions and help the company conduct market research, conducting research may be a good way for you to earn free bitcoin. Several companies have offered the opportunity to conduct such surveys, but one of the largest survey companies offering bitcoin as a reward is time bucks. On their platform, you can choose the survey you want to complete and your expenses. The survey results you will get will vary depending on the companies currently working with time bucks and whether they think your personal data is suitable. In addition to conducting surveys, time bucks reward users who watch videos, vote, install free apps, play games and perform web searches. If you want to earn bitcoin in a more passive way, you can choose to get paid by simply opening a tag mining cryptocurrency in the background on your computer.

Pay users bitcoin free of charge once a week, and the minimum withdrawal amount is $10 bitcoin. The highest income of users on the first day is bitcoin worth $50. After users use bitcoin on the first day, their daily income may be between $10-20. If you want to earn more, time bucks provide a recommendation plan to pay a certain proportion of each recommender’s account income. Although you may not become a millionaire thorough investigation, it may be a good way to start increasing bitcoin income.


So far, it is obvious that it is not difficult to earn free bitcoin. Sometimes it’s as simple as shopping in your favorite online store. You can even help the bitcoin community by volunteering to let your computer mine bitcoin. You don’t have to try all the methods at once. Give yourself a chance to try what you think is the easiest way. Then, once you are satisfied with this way of earning bitcoin, add one after another. After all, since bitcoin can serve you, why serve it?


OKEx is a highly acclaimed crypto exchange that provides trading of emerging tokens such as bitcoin (BTC) and Chia (XCH). The professional trading platform and low transaction costs make it a good choice for new investors and active traders. Our review would have liked to see stronger regulation, but this may change as the company expands globally.



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