Everything you should know about Moonbit! Moonbit Review for you. When you can apply for the next bitcoin, if you check the notification box, it will sound.

Payments will increase over time, so the longer I wait to receive bitcoin, the higher the payment. For example, the screenshot below shows that the bitcoin payment has risen to 686 Satoshi two hours after my last application for bitcoin. If we don’t check for a week, there may be thousands, but we visit moonbit every day to get a loyalty bonus.

However, some have become fully legal faucet platforms. Among them, one of the most famous and popular websites is moonbit.

In this article, you will see a complete review of this moonbit. Let us examine this review in detail.

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Moonbit Pros and Cons


Moonbit Pros

  • Moonbit faucet doesn’t need to pay any fee, so you can register for free.
  • You can receive a mystery reward and a daily loyalty reward once a day
  • A great choice for potential sources of income.
  • The reward system is easy to understand and helps people easily understand how to apply for rewards and prizes.
  • Moonbit has an English version, which is a general language that people can understand and help understand the working principle of the system.

Moonbit Cons

  • In order to get more rewards, you need to see a few advertisements, which may be annoying
  • There are some negative comments on systems where users cannot apply for rewards.
  • The reward rate of lunar bitcoin fluctuates greatly.
  • Moonbit is based on advertising and visitor traffic.
  • You need more recommendations to get more rewards from moonbit.

What is moonbit?


Moonbitcoin provides bonuses or rewards for users to continue using bitcoin.

These faucet bonuses allow users to accumulate more expenses. These are just more reasons why we prefer moonbit to ordinary bitcoin faucets. Below we list the bonuses currently available at the time of writing this article:

Loyalty bonus – apply for bitcoin at least once a day, with an additional 1% for a continuous day. E.g. 5% bonus for each claim for 5 consecutive days of visit.

Recommendation bonus – for each user who references the website, it will increase by one percentage point, and each bitcoin claims 10 recommendations = + 10%. Referrals also include 50% of all claims per referral! This attracts users to let their friends register and earn bitcoin, thus increasing bitcoin traffic.

Mystery bonus – I don’t quite understand this, but when I get free bitcoin through the faucet, it will appear at the bottom of the moonbit page. When I click more information, it only displays “. I think this is a random bonus

Moon bitcoin is a popular free bitcoin faucet that allows users to receive rewards when completing surveys and tasks. It is the most popular and used bitcoin faucet on the Internet.

Moonbit was launched in 2014. This is a free system based on advertising. Moonbit is a faucet that can earn BTC, bitcoin cash (BCH), dogecoin (Doge), litecoin (LTC) and dash. Moonbit allows customers to keep a little balance every 5 minutes.

How does moonbit work?


Bitcoin can be collected from moonbit.co. every 5 minutes in the bitcoin faucet. Moonbit starts from 100 Satoshi every 5 minutes, but never drops. On the contrary, over time, if we don’t visit the site, it will accumulate. So if we don’t check for 2 hours (120 minutes / 5 = 24), it’s 2400 Satoshi!

We will continue to use moonbit until we believe it is not. We are glad you like our bitcoin 101 series and would like to see you come back and see how to reinvest these bitcoins and earn more bitcoins!

Is moonbit legit or a scam?

Moonbit is a fully legal bitcoin faucet on the Internet. This is a fashionable faucet with high reputation. It is one of the most reliable faucets and has never been associated with any fraud or any false behavior.

The moon bitcoin website has a huge visitor base. This enables advertisers to pay high fees for display advertising, so as to provide visitors with guaranteed payment and free bitcoin.

The company has strong individuals all over the world. Their Alexa worldwide ranking is 5633, which makes it one of the most popular and trusted bitcoin faucets.

Moonbit registration


You can register moonbit through the following steps:

  • Step 1: Create your wallet in coinpot to extract your own rewards
  • Step 2: Register by visiting the official website of lunar bitcoin, enter your coin can email address here, and then click the “register” option.
  • Step 3: Log in to your lunar bitcoin account and start.
  • Step 4: Start by viewing other tweets and earn free bitcoin

About the withdrawal time, moonbit is such a website that does not limit the withdrawal speed. It allows you to maintain your income every five minutes. You can view more information on the moon bitcoin live website.

To restore the moonbit password, click the forget my password option. Then enter your personal information and user ID, and then you can reset your password.

How to make money from moonbit?

Moonbit offers 5 different bonuses as follows:

1) Loyalty bonus: This is a bonus for users who receive bitcoin rewards for several consecutive days. Users who follow this process can get an additional 1% reward by applying for bitcoin reward for several consecutive days.

2) Preferential bonus: This is the bonus you get when you complete any survey or discount on the lunar bitcoin selling wall. For each survey or quotation completed within the last 30 days, you will receive an additional 5% reward for each faucet claim you make.

3) Recommendation bonus: This is a great way to recommend new users to the system to earn moonbit cash. For each active referral you make, you will receive 1% bonus, up to 100%.

4) Mystery bonus: This is a unique bonus, which usually pops up on the bottom page and provides users with bitcoin claimed to be free. The rewards in the bonus may be different.

5) Mining bonus: This is an optional bonus provided by moonbit to users who allow their computers to have hash function. To do this, you need to check the “run mining bonus” option. The website will increase your CPU utilization by 10-80% and further increase your reward.

Moonbit withdrawal


To extract the earned Satoshi, go to the balance menu on the top panel and click the link to go to the coinpot wallet.

On the home page, the balance of all cryptocurrencies will be displayed. We find the bitcoin balance block and select the coin withdrawal button in the drop-down menu, as shown in the screenshot below.

The minimum withdrawal limit is 0.0001 BTC (10000 Satoshi). No commission will be charged for withdrawal.

To extract the earned coins, you need to fill in the form, specify the address, amount, password and verification code of the bitcoin wallet in the form, and click “extract”.

The user confirms each withdrawal request by email. Transfer can take up to 48 hours.

Moonbit affiliate program

Moonbit alliance program allows you to market our cloud mining services, which helps thousands of miners obtain passive income from bitcoin cloud mining business. Our best alliance partners can generate more than $5500 in alliance revenue per month.

Anyone can join the lunar bitcoin Alliance Program. Seriously, every free user can get a 20% member bonus. Do you want to earn more? Upgrade to the advanced program and get 100% bonus.

  1. Minimum 20% recommendation bonus, maximum 100%.
  2. Registration is free of charge.
  3. Once you reach the minimum payment threshold of 0.005 BTC, pay immediately.
  4. Reliable real-time tracking

Is moonbit worth it?


Due to its generous bonus system, including up to 100% browser mining bonus, it is also one of the highest paid faucets in the world.

So this answers the next pressing question – is it worth it? As far as a single faucet is concerned, the most sure thing is that your income here is much higher than that of most other faucets.

We’ve mentioned browser mining bonuses, but you can also earn up to 100% of your claims with each of the following additional bonuses: Daily loyalty, referrals, offers, and mysterious amounts added to each claim.

It is worth noting that if you are interested in mining bitcoin by browser, coinpot will provide this function on all five coins it currently supports.

Remember, although coinpot has a descriptive proverb of “micro wallet”, it is not a fully functional bitcoin wallet.


Moonbit provides a unique way for you to apply at any time. This means that you can choose to collect coins at intervals of your choice (wait at least 5 minutes), rather than waiting for a specific period of time.

In this system, if you are active and have a large number of recommendations, you can earn a considerable amount of coins every day. Therefore, if you are considering making money by watching advertisements and conducting surveys, moonbit is a perfect legal platform.

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