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In this article, we will review one such site, called miner gate. In this miner gate review, we will discuss some core issues that most people pay attention to.

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Main features of Minergate

The supplier allows users to download miner gate for free and charge a fixed fee from all mined coins; More details can be found on the website. You can also contact the supplier directly for more information. If you want to start mining cryptocurrency coins, miner gate can help you start and maintain your cryptocurrency portfolio.

What is Minergate?


Minergate is a cryptocurrency mining platform, which was launched by some miners in 2014. The intention of the miners is to gather a group of miners who will carry out this activity more effectively.

Users who want to mine bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin, monero and more coins can easily download the platform.

Minergate consists of complex codes and algorithms that work in the background to simplify the mining process and make it suitable for any less professional individual. In short, all the heavy work has been completed by the platform developers, and the rest of the process is not so technical.

According to miner gate, as of the middle of this year, the user base of the platform has increased significantly, with more than 750000 users from all over the world.

How does Minergate work?


The platform relies on the computer pool under its network; Basically, they utilize the power of each available system used by each user of the platform. With miner gate, users can mine passwords using the following functions:

Minergate’s combined mining

In the past, only one computer could mine one cryptocurrency at a time; With miner gate, things are getting better. As the center of miner gate miners, the platform uses the ability of combined mining to generate two passwords for each user without affecting productivity.

Minergate’s intelligent mining

As the name indicates, miner gate’s intelligent mining function enables the platform to identify and mine the most profitable coins. Most other miners have no mechanism for identifying coins of promising value.

However, through intelligent mining, the system can use algorithms to select coins to be mined. This makes the process less subjective and more directional.

However, this does not mean that users cannot pick coins for mining; The platform allows the intelligent mining function to be turned off so that users can manually select coins to be mined.


Minergate’s Web Mining

The platform also provides mining function without downloading GUI user interface.

Minergate’s mining calculator

In addition to the above three mining tools, users can also use a calculator to see the feasibility of mining a coin. The calculator evaluates all aspects of the mining process, including bad debt shares, pool fees, transaction amounts, network problems, etc., in order to provide miners with a larger picture of a mine.

The platform relies on the computer pool under its network; In essence, it leverages the capabilities of any available device used by any user of the platform.

Minergate does not provide any hardware to mine any altcoins it supports. Instead, it provides you with a simplex algorithm that you can install on your computer and start mining.

In this regard, the hashing ability of the computer limits the mining work. Therefore, you will find that mining less competitive coins will be more profitable than mining bitcoin.

In addition, the main idea behind the platform is the ease of use and accessibility of amateur miners, while professionals have no relevant shortcomings.

Is Miner gate legit or a scam?


Minergate has existed for four years, but everything is not so beautiful. Most user comments have different views; Some people claim to be satisfied with the services provided on the platform. However, others expressed their concerns about the legitimacy of the platform.

Most of the questions revolve around the fact that in some cases, there are no rewards; Some people claim that their hashing capability rating is incorrect, while others do not know the ownership of the platform, which is inappropriate for many users.

But beyond that, the overall user experience is above average.

Everyone who joins the mining platform is concerned about the safety level; People want to ensure top-level security of their data and mining assets.

Minergate has been at the forefront of curbing insecurity in the mining industry; They have set up many control functions to ensure the security of their platform.

Here are some of their security features:

  • Two-factor authentication to ensure that users authorize every transaction that occurs on their account.
  • Minergate’s website has a valid SSL certificate to prevent attackers from accessing any communication that occurs on the tool.
  • The platform is regularly updated to keep up with the latest technological developments and fix any vulnerabilities.

MinerGate Pros and Cons

MinerGate Pros

  • User interface: many customers are satisfied with the general user interface. They describe it as neat and easy to navigate.
  • Novice friendly: many users have not invested in cryptocurrency before. Some say the plan is a valuable tool for those who have just entered the cryptocurrency mining industry.
  • No additional hardware required: users realize that they can start digging coins without buying expensive dedicated digging hardware.
  • Best mining: one person said they were grateful because the platform will automatically select the most profitable coin for mining on any day.
  • Different coins: some critics like to dig multiple coins on the platform.

MinerGate Cons

  • Limited coin selection: Although many people are satisfied with the diversity of coins available on the platform, many commentators hope that the platform will enable them to dig out more diversified coin choices.
  • Withdrawal: some people think that the withdrawal fee of suppliers is too high. Some users also complain that the minimum balance required to withdraw funds is too high.
  • Slow down your system: many commentators say that using this program will slow down their system and sometimes prevent them from running any other software while mining.

Minergate affiliate program


Like many other cryptocurrency platforms, miner gate provides an affiliate program. This helps the company get more users through the invitation sent by users with existing accounts on the platform. Users who successfully enable at least 10 people to mine on miner gate can earn 30% of miner gate’s profits from the activities of these subsidiaries. Those who bring 11 to 30 people to the platform will receive 50% reward, while those who bring more than 30 subsidiaries to the platform will receive the largest reward – 65%. Therefore, if you like miner gate and believe that you can tell people about the platform, it makes sense to participate in the membership program.

Minergate Features


Mining pools:

Miner gate allows you to mine cryptocurrencies using a dedicated application, Miner gate XFAST. The program allows you to cultivate the best-known cryptocurrency, bitcoin, altcoins such as etherblue, monero and zcash. A complete list of mineable coins is listed on the product’s website.

Real time exchange rate:

The central dashboard displays the exchange rates of all cryptocurrencies in real time, so that you will never miss the great opportunity to buy and sell. This feature allows you to take advantage of favorable market conditions to maximize your return on investment (ROI).


Different from cryptocurrency service, cryptocurrency service requires you to convert coins into traditional currency in a third-party exchange. Minergate allows you to withdraw money quickly and put it directly into your wallet. This process makes it easy to withdraw your funds and distribute your profits to other areas of operation within the organization.

Cryptonight ASIC pool:

Miner gate allows you to add coins to your portfolio by mining other coins. You can use your computing power to mine monero classic coins and earn byte coins in return; This is noteworthy because monero’s mining will not affect your main mining operations; Your other processes will continue as normal.

Minergate registration


There are two key ways to start mining using the miner gate algorithm. The first option is to use their software with a graphical user interface (GUI), and the second option is to use their console. For most users, the GUI provides a simple and intuitive interface.

However, if you are a more practical person, you can choose to use the console instead. You can read more about each option on their FAQ page.

More importantly, miner gate software can run on windows, Mac OS and Ubuntu, making it suitable for users around the world.

How to make money from Miner Gate?


As a mining pool for multiple cryptocurrencies, miner gate website can help you make money online in the form of various cryptocurrencies.

You can mine the following miner gate coins: Ethereum, bitcoin, gold, zcash, Ethereum classic, byteccoin, Wright coin, monero, monero classic.

However, these costs are not significantly higher than the highest level. Compared with some competitors, the unified charge of 1% or 1.5% is quite favorable.

In addition, it is worth noting that miner gate’s bitcoin mining pool was closed on April 3, 2019. Therefore, miner gate currently has no bitcoin mining opportunities.

MinerGate Withdrawal


  • To withdraw revenue from miner gate, follow these steps
  • Click the “withdrawal” button
  • Click your balance to insert your send field
  • Insert your wallet address
  • Click the undo button.
  • Your transaction should now appear in the “reversal section”
  • Wait for the transaction to complete.

As for fees, miner gate has the following types of commissions: pool fees (collected from all items mined by users in the pool) and withdrawal fees.

The withdrawal fee ranges from zero (if the user withdraws from freewallet) to a larger amount specified for each currency. The actual withdrawal fee is not disclosed anywhere. As for the pool fee, everything is clear: miner gate uses the PPLNs reward method to charge 1% to miners and 1.5% to miners who like PPS.

Is miner gate worth it?

The platform can help you mine all kinds of encrypted coins without expensive hardware. It also provides you with real-time exchange rates and allows users to withdraw funds immediately. Minergate encourages users to diversify their encryption portfolio by having multiple coins available for mining. If you are interested in starting cryptocurrency mining, this practical cryptocurrency mining software product may be worth considering.


We hope you can learn one or two things about platform functions in this mine gate review; Mining is still a dark industry. Therefore, it is very important to conduct due diligence on the platform before joining the platform. The same applies to miner gate; This comment alone is not enough, make sure you check as many comments as possible so that you can get a consistent narrative, because in most cases, they are always correct.

Bitcoin mining has been and remains one of the most profitable investments of our time, and miner gate is enabling many miners to achieve this goal. However, miner gate review provides another aspect of hypothetical investment opportunities.

Nevertheless, we can say that “forget the miner’s gate” is temporarily effective because it has no function now. It is recommended that you focus on other valuable cryptocurrency investments.

We further reiterate that miner gate’s bitcoin mining pool was closed on April 3, 2019. Therefore, minergate currently has no bitcoin mining opportunities.

Finally, we hope this review can help you make a wise decision to invest in cryptocurrency. Whatever you do, just keep looking for the stars.

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