Everything you should know about Hive OS! Hive OS Review for you! Hive OS’s ultimate mining platform allows users to set up, excavate and control processes more effectively without having to bother crossing thousands of rigs, all from one place.

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What is hive OS?


A tool that is easy to install and set up. Download and install our software and your farm infrastructure will automatically detect your mining equipment and add it to your management dashboard. Manage and configure each rig individually, whether one or thousands. During the flight, exchange the swimming pool, wallet and coin combination with the flight watch. Create an overclocking profile for your GPU and change the miner configuration for all server farms in a few seconds.

To use the hive OS hive, you need to complete the registration process and create a password-protected account, preferably two factor authentication.

Log in to the hive operating system Web site.

To do this, follow the login link at the following address: https://hiveos.farm/

To register and configure hive OS, you need to enter your name information, required user name, email address, select the required time zone and create an account password.

After registration, a window appears showing the login name, farm status, and the current balance on the user account (in this case, a farm)

Hive OS Main Features


  • Create worker – identifier and password for each rig;
  • Track work statistics;
  • Create a wallet containing address information to which cryptocurrencies mined during mining will be transferred;
  • Create a flight table containing mining configurations that can be applied to any rig;
  • Create overclocking profiles for different algorithms and equipment;
  • In the activity tab, track the operation of the account;
  • In the access tab, track authentication operations in other user accounts;
  • Use bills to process account payments (required for managing more than three rigs);
  • Configure the configuration of personal accounts.

How does hive OS work?


One of the important factors required to ensure the stable operation of the mining site is the use of a reliable, fast and easy to manage operating system.

Hive OS is well deserved to be popular among miners. It is based on the linux series operating system of Ubuntu distribution, which is optimized for mining cryptocurrency. Linux minerhiveos is not only a complex program, but also a service for monitoring drilling rigs. This paper introduces what is a hive operating system and how to install, configure and use it for mining.

If you forget your hive OS password, please enter your email address and you will be provided with a link to the recovery token and reset password.

The more serious problem is the loss of the two factor authentication code. Please make sure to save the 2fa connection code on paper or electronic media.

Hive OS registration


Let’s create an account on Hive OS.

After registration, you will see a dashboard that can be used to manage all rigs.

Your current account, balance and the following menu items are available in the top menu:

Reload / monitor / statistics / equipment / Wallet

I went to “wallet” to configure my miners. Remember, hive’s wallets are not cryptocurrency wallets – they are miner’s profiles that you can use in all your equipment in the future!

You can create any number of wallets according to different settings of pool and currency.

How to use hive OS correctly?


You can download any distribution kit directly from the official website as an archive or through torrent. When recording, you need to use a USB flash drive or SSD disk with a capacity of at least 8 GB.

The second option is preferable. Flash drives after hive OS wear out quickly and removable disks work faster. You must uncompress the hive operating system and burn it to a storage device.

The hive operating system can be installed on the hard disk drive, but as long as the device has sufficient performance level, the system can work directly from the USB flash drive or SSD disk.

When creating an image in the windows operating system, you need the etcher program, which can be downloaded from etcher.io /. It is a very convenient open source program, which exists in Windows 32 / 64, MacOS and Linux versions. It provides guaranteed record quality and will not fail due to read errors in subsequent work. Instead, you can use the HDD raw copy tool, Win32 disk imager, Rufus, or similar utilities.

In the etcher utility for writing images, they select the system image decompressed after downloading, check the write path and press the flash button. It should be understood that all information on the USB flash will be destroyed.

In the miner configuration menu, fine overclocking settings can be set, similar to the commands used for overclocking in the bat file. To do this, press the “miner configuration” button in the corresponding flight list and add the necessary commands to the miner configuration override field:

Set fine settings for overclocking video card

To save the settings, press the button to apply the changes. After creating a drawing, you can check the correctness of all settings.

Farm settings for mining

If necessary, you can change the configuration of the flight list by clicking the ellipsis button on the right side of the flight list window and selecting the edit line.

How do I change the lookup in the hive operating system?

When you click the miner configuration line, a window appears in which you can edit the existing template and edit the commands for tuning the miner in its configuration field.

Example of entering overclocking parameters to mine monero as a second coin on the processor.

Overclocking parameters of mining monero

After making changes, you need to use the update button to save your changes:

Update changes

To mine metaverse in hive OS, create a new flight table and select ETP coin:

Create a new flight table

Then, they set up the wallet configuration in a standard way (enter the address and specify the name), and select the pool and miner program for mining. If separate mining is to be carried out, select “do not use dual currency” in the menu of the second coin:

Selection of the second coin in dual mining

After that, don’t forget to press the create flight table button.

Is hive OS worth it?


Selecting the right miner means using applications compatible with the installed hardware and providing the most efficient and reliable mining.

Hive OS has many built-in miner programs. You can select these programs for each flight table in the server farm by selecting them from the drop-down list:

If you want to use mining on both video cards and processors, you need to click the add mining button in the lower right corner of the specific flight table:

How to operate hive OS drilling rig and the main nuances after installation?


If you have upgraded your device, but do not know how to delete the staff on the hive operating system, or for some reason you are not satisfied with the work in the operating system, please go to your account. Double click the farm name to open secondary server settingsā€œ The remove hardware button is located in the right corner next to the farm name.

You may want to read this article: all about mining metaverse – setting up rigs, wallets and pool coins

You will be asked to confirm the severity of your intention, type yes, and then press OK.

After you remove the worker process, you can create a new hardware configuration. To completely delete a server farm, go to advanced settings. The delete server farm button is located at the bottom. This process is similar to deleting a work server.

Please note that after deleting the farm, all data of the video card, flight list and wallet settings of the coin you selected will be deleted. We must recreate everything.

To configure hive OS WiFi, you must enter the WiFi command and register SSID and pass to connect to the router. If there is a problem, open the USB flash drive through windows, find the configuration file, and enter the name and password of the wireless network. If the system displays the WiFi adapter as one of the connected USB devices and does not classify it by destination type, the server farm is offline. Most likely, you won’t be able to start mining even if everything is normal on windows. The Linux operating system is sometimes unfriendly to some WiFi adapters, and there is nothing you can do about it. The cable connection is more reliable. Mining on windows or hive OS WiFi is not a good idea.



In conclusion, it is important for those who use hive OS to check whether the wallet profile has changed without your knowledge.

If changes are found, the researchers recommend running a command called “service is stopped” and deleting the following malware files:

  • /usr/bin/a.sh
  • /lib/systemd/system/as.service
  • /etc/rc.local
  • dw
  • /Hive configuration/wallet.conf

After that, you can safely change the configuration file to its original state. In the future, we hope the hive OS team will issue a consultation notice detailing the security measures they are taking and will take to protect users.

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