FaucetSpin may not be as popular as other faucet websites, its operation method is relatively simple, you may have questions here. Is this reliable? Is it credible? Could it be a scam? All kinds of questions arose spontaneously. Let’s take a look at FaucetSpin and share some identification methods with you in this review.

What is FaucetSpin?

FaucetSpin was registered in the United States in 2020. As the name suggests, it is a faucet website, a multi-cryptocurrency faucet, where you can apply for and earn four different cryptocurrencies. They are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. The website design is very simple, clear, and has simple navigation, there are not many advertisements in it, and the overall aesthetics are still very strong. At the same time, any claim will remain in your balance, and you can decide to withdraw it later, which greatly reduces the user’s investment risk.


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How to earn?

This is a question that everyone is very concerned about. How can I fight for cryptocurrency? There are 3 different ways to earn Cryptocurrency on FaucetSpin. Faucet,PTC ads and  Affiliate program. You can decide which way to claim your favorite  Cryptocurrency. 


First Faucet,  due to different currencies, each token has its own waiting time between requests. You can decide which cryptocurrency you want to claim based on your favorite cryptocurrency? You need to wait 60 minutes for every five satoshis for Bitcoin, 5 Satoshi every five minutes for Bitcoin Cash, 5 Gwei every five minutes for Ethereum, and 50 Litoshi every five minutes for Litecoin. Warm reminder, there are two steps to verify. One is a robot, and the other is arithmetic verification. Both verifications are very simple operations, you don’t even have to resolve short links for it. Basically, 10-15 seconds can be played after verification to obtain cryptocurrency.




The waiting time for each cryptocurrency varies. If you want to claim 5 Satoshis every time, you need to wait 60 minutes. FaucetSpin provides you with another way to make money, PTC advertising. Each cryptocurrency has its own ads, and you can decide which ads you want to watch. The operation method is also very simple, the window does not have to keep the focus. This means that you can watch a series or do other things at the same time. The only annoying thing is that you have to resolve 2 verification codes after each PTC ad. This makes it a bit tedious to do, but fortunately, the payment is great, so we don’t mind this small disadvantage too much.


Referral Program

The last way to recommend FaucetSpin to your friends. Click on the affiliate page to form your personal referral link and share it with your friends. Earn 20% commissions on every claim your users make! Simply spread the referral link below to your friends! This is also an easy way to get paid. Click on FaucetSpin to register!

How to withdraw?

Bitcoin: 0.00005000 BTC (5000 Satoshi)

Litecoin: 0.00010000 LTC (10.000 Satoshi)

Ethereum: 0.00005000 ETH (5000 Gwei)

Bitcoin Cash: 0.00005000 BCH (5000 Satoshi)

The above is the minimum withdrawal amount of the four currencies. The following are the specific steps.

First of all, you must create an account and receive cryptocurrency from the faucet and PTC before you can withdraw cash. What I want to remind here is that the minimum withdrawal amount for FaucetSpin is at least 10000 Satoshis. This is also the disadvantage of  FaucetSpin. Its withdrawal amount is relatively high, but good The operation method is simple and the payment is very good. I believe that users can earn the currency they want in their leisure time and withdraw it to faucetpay. Please note that pending withdrawals can take up to 72 hrs to process.


Pay attention to the minimum withdrawal.

The premise of withdrawal is that you must bind faucetpay. Here to teach you how to bind faucetpay through FaucetSpin.To create an account visit Coinbase and login into your faucetpay account and click on the linked address button. Now you can use these addresses to request payment from FaucetSpin.

The specific steps can be viewed on the withdrawal page in FaucetSpin.

Is it a Scam?

FaucetSpin is in reality no longer a scam. FaucetSpin legit, it can pay out bearing fail and solely on occasion runs low on a precise currency. FaucetSpin has continuously been up to date for years bringing new elements and fixing any bugs. If you seem to be on Twitter there are many non-bot twitter posters confirming the legitimacy that FaucetSpin is Legit, or you can locate many FaucetSpin fee proof movies on Youtube … FaucetSpin Scam, no way it’s very clear how to earn, how a good deal you will earn and many payout confirmations. There is no funding concerned consequently no risks.

FaucetSpin will update some notices from time to time. Pay attention to some questions and answers about the current problems encountered by users, and also deepen the reliability of this faucet website, so that users feel that their feedback can be responded to and resolved.


FausetSpin Trustpilot Review:

FaucetSpin-trustpilotFaucetSpin-trustpilot 2FaucetSpin-trustpilot3

In Trustpilot, many users also gave a five-star or four-star rating and listed the corresponding pictures and texts that can be withdrawn to prove the authenticity of FaucetSpin.

FaucetSpin Pros

  • Easy Work to Do!
  • Lots of ways to earn!
  • Supports 4 cryptocurrencies!
  • High payment
  • No Fees for Withdrawal!
  • update news constantly

FaucetSpin Cons

  • High Withdrawal Limits.
  • Few PTC links and each currency has a limit on the number of ads.


Where can I withdraw my coins?

You can click on the withdraw button on the domestic web page and choose one of the 4 cryptocurrencies you would like to withdraw. Please word you want to attain the given minimal withdrawal firstly. Upon achieving the minimal withdrawal, you can withdraw any cash to FaucetPay.io. You have to create an account there earlier than asking for a withdrawal.

How much time will it take to process the withdrawal?

Withdrawal of funds from FaucetSpin occurs within 3 working days.

You can view it on the FAQ page in FaucetSpin, which contains more popular questions.

Is FaucetSpin worthy?

You can’t anticipate making a resident from Faucet due to the fact the payout of faucets is sincerely small. However, it is a correct preference to make full use of your spare time to do easy duties and earn a few crypto coins. Compared with most different crypto faucets, FaucetSpin is valuable to try.


FaucetSpin, like a faucet website for people nowadays, provides four free currencies to attract many users. The design is simple.  Users can wait for different times to get the currency that they like. At the same time, there are PTC ads and referral links. Payment is also very attractive. Although the minimum withdrawal amount is a bit high, it is quite fast for those who work hard and have a lot of referrals.

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