faucet.asia is a legit site that allows you to earn massive dogecoin for free (cryptocurrency that has taken hold in recent times) by inserting the simple chapcha code, while you don’t need to invest or deposit.


Opens his tap every 30 minutes and makes you receive 0.001 dogecoin depending on the progress of the coin. And you can get 0.00025 DogeCoin for every claim your referred users make. Your referral commission is unlimited, so you can earn unlimited dogecoin if you have a huge referral team.

For the use of this faucet it is essential to open an account on the microwallet of faucetpay which is a legit micropayment platform cooperating with hundreds of crypto faucet sites.

Faucet.asia (Affiliate link here – if you register and claim, I can earn 0.00025 Free dogecoin everytime you claim). FaucetPay wallet register here: Affiliate link

Faucet.asia Review: Complete Guide to Claim Free Dogecoin

Faucet asia is one of the rare sites these days that offers only dogecoin faucet. Before you can start to claim at Faucet.asia, you need to make an account at Faucetpay.


Sign Up FaucetPay

FaucetPay wallet register here: Affiliate link, use your email to sign up then it will send you a verified email.



Everytime you login faucetpay, it will have a 2FA challenge by email which helps to secure your account.



Sign Up Faucet.asia

https://faucetpay.io/page/user-admin/deposit Copy your Faucetpay Dogecoin Address

Copy your Faucetpay Dogecoin Address


Sign up Faucet.asia (Affiliate link here – if you register and claim, I can earn 0.00025 Free dogecoin everytime you claim).


Claim Dogecoin per 30 MIN

As soon as you have your faucet.asia account, you can start to claim some Dogecoins.

Now you just have to click on the buttom “Claim now” and you instantly get your Dogecoins to your wallet at Faucet Asia. As soon as you claim, you see exactly how many Coins you get in your faucetpay account.

Every 30 minutes, you can claim once time.



Unlimited Dogecoin Referral Commission

Faucet.asia offer a generous referral 25% for every claim your referred users make. Your referral commission is unlimited!


Faucet.asia-Review-referral Faucet.asia-Review-faucetpay-referral-bonus

Faucetpay: Review & Guide

FaucetPay is a microwallet. The site professes itself as, not only a wallet for micropaid, but also an earning platform, offering numerous opportunities to replenish its wallet.


The cryptocurrencies supported by FaucetPay are not as many as those present in the old FaucetHub, but are basically the most capitalized ones, namely: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash and Bitcoin Cash. On the other hand, the list of the faucets that use it already seems interesting: of course, we are still far from faucethub numbers, but the beginning is encouraging.

As for the unterorious features compared to that of microportafoglio, FaucetPay.io proposes some earning methods, hi/low gaming, an exchange and an affiliate system.

FaucetPay Microwallet Tutorial

The operation of FaucetPay is essentially similar to that of other microwallets: first of all, it requires a simple registration and the need to link to the “Linked Addresses” of your account the addresses of the external wallets of the supported cryptocurrencies, already in your possession.


The claim in faucet FaucetPay are then very simple, having to enter in the requested field the wallet address of the cryptocurrency linked to the microwallet account: the crediting of the reward will then take place instantly.

Withdraw From FaucetPay

The withdrawal from FaucetPay to an external wallet is possible by accessing the “Withdraw” tab of the User Dashboard: here you can choose between a normal withdrawal, with 4 hours of waiting, and a fast one of 5 minutes. Of course, the two modes provide for different costs and minimum payouts, i.e. higher in the second case.


The minimum withdrawal limits vary according to the “Normal” or “Priority” mode and, in their minimum values, are defined as follows:

Bitcoin = 0.00010000 BTC

Bitcoin Cash = 0.00050000 BCH

Ethereum = 0.03000000 ETH

Litecoin = 0.00080000 LTC

Dogecoin = 30.00000000 DOGE

Dash = 0.00080000 DASH

Tron = 5.00000000 TRX

Digibyte = 25.00000000 DGB

Why You Should Earn Dogecoin Now?

The dogecoin market capitalization has previously reached $92 billion, as of May 2021, which is bigger than three-quarters of the companies in the S&P 500.

Many companies are now trading and mining cryptocurrencies including Dogecoin (DOGE).


The discussion gave the coin more mainstream exposure, and sparked interest from prominent figures like billionaire Mark Cuban.

If you had invested $1,000 in Dogecoin on Jan. 1, 2021, you’d have approximately $85,000 today. The cryptocurrency has been unpredictable up until now, so it’s anyone’s guess how high the price will climb. If you’re lucky, you could potentially make a bit of money by investing now.

BUT!!! You don’t need to invest or deposit in Faucet.asia. Don’t hesitate to start Faucet.asia now!

Faucet.asia (Affiliate link here – if you register and claim, I can earn 0.00025 Free dogecoin everytime you claim). FaucetPay wallet register here: Affiliate link


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