In November 2016, the Sevio Company, which includes Coinzilla, was established with the goal of promoting a wide network of cryptocurrency businesses. New features are still being developed by the company on a constant basis to assist publishers in their global operations. The headquarters of this advertising networking is in Romania, despite its UAE base.

What Is Coinzilla

One of the top cryptocurrency and bitcoin ad networks, Coinzilla partners with websites and projects with a crypto-related focus. By offering native banners and standard IAB banners, the Romania-based network helps advertisers make the most of their marketing initiatives.

The unique feature of Coinzilla is that all types of websites are accepted with the exception of those that do not adhere to their terms, which includes websites with adult content. This network’s publisher community rules are very straightforward, and they don’t have many strict requirements. allowing publishers with high-quality websites to easily join this network!

What Marketing Techniques Are Used?

The user can pick and choose where we want our ads to be published after setting up the advertising account on the website. There is also a smart assistant that will keep tabs on areas where our advertising campaigns need to be improved.

Coinzilla is a well-known tool for the requirements of projects related to cryptocurrencies, having completed more than 12,000 marketing campaigns and being trusted by 50% of the advertisers in the crypto space. It’s a platform that could be useful for companies with limited marketing budgets because it allows you to tailor your spending to the specific needs of your advertising campaign.

Principal advantages of utilizing Coinzilla for advertising

  • Customizable, and assisted ad campaigns for your crypto projects
  • Marketing budget control
  • Use of newest technologies in internet advertising (HTML5)

Coinzilla For Advertisers

Conizilla acts as a helping hand for advertisers and marketers by enhancing their operations and boosting revenue. By placing the provided ads directly on websites, it aids advertisers in advancing their projects. High conversion rates promote your business more quickly because they promote high-quality leads and increase website traffic.

IAB banners and native banners, two types of advertising used by Coinzilla, are specially designed to maximize the effectiveness of advertiser campaigns. It offers a self-serve service that is beneficial for the advertisers as it enables them to optimize and personalize their advertising campaigns.

Additionally, they offer live support to their advertisers. If an advertiser is too busy to plan and manage an advertising campaign, he or she can ask the team of support representatives to take care of the campaign’s details on their behalf, which will aid in the promotion of their goods. Additionally, under certain restrictions, they are providing free banner design services.

  • Quality traffic;
  • Strict approval criteria for publishers;
  • The minimum deposit is 50€
  • Anti-fraud system
  • We offer sub ids for all advertisers;
  • Even quicker is the approval time for campaigns, which is just hours.
  • Budget Capping, Advanced Campaign Creation and Optimization, Native Ads
  • SEPA, SWIFT, BTC, ETH & Bank Transfers supported as payment methods

Coinzilla For Publishers

Coninzilla has the best products and services created to satisfy the requirements of advertisers and publishers. By increasing website traffic and increasing your earnings through exclusive sales, these tools help them increase your sales.

As a result, you can easily display a variety of ad formats on your websites using this platform, including native ads, banner ads, header banners, sticky banners, and pop-under ads. The best and biggest financial and cryptocurrency advertising network is called Coinzilla, and it has a weekly growing team of publishers who work together.

  • They welcome traffic from everywhere.
  • They consistently pay their publishers on time.
  • 24/7 Live assistance for publishers.
  • They enable you to diversify your sources of income.
  • Provides low threshold payout
  • It has a referral program that allows you to increase your income by referring more people.
  • provides real-time reports to the publishers and enables cookies to monitor the development.

Press releases, advertorials, and guest posts can all be published by publishers on top finance websites. Because of this, they create original content or press releases in accordance with your requests and requirements, and then they deliver those ads to the financial sector or the cryptocurrency market. Coinzilla has a supportive team that assists publishers in gaining recognition for their advertisements in the marketing sector. You can therefore quickly become well-known in this manner.

You can save time and effort by managing all press releases from a single interface. You can keep tabs on your campaign as it goes live and receive regular updates on its development and audience responses. You have the option of canceling the press release, in which case your press release will not be posted online and you will receive a refund.

The Coinzilla Marketplace

The Coinzilla Marketplace is the ALL-IN-ONE CONTENT MARKETPLACE where you can quickly and legally buy sponsored articles and press releases about cryptocurrencies. Get the exposure you require by publishing your content on reputable websites in the finance and cryptocurrency sectors.

No matter how much money you have to spend, you can create a successful PR strategy using our partner pages. Based on your specifications, the team at Coinzilla will create original press releases and submit them to our crypto partner’s pages.

So that you can keep tabs on your campaign, our team will provide you with proof of shipment as soon as your press release goes live. And don’t worry if an editor ever chooses not to publish your press release. There will be no exceptions and you will receive a full refund.

putting together your order, deciding which crypto pages and blogs you want to follow, and making a one-time deposit. Managing all of your press releases from a single interface will save you time and effort.

You will receive real-time updates on how your press releases are spreading, allowing you to continuously evaluate their impact. Our security system safeguards both the customer and the vendor, removing the possibility of any potential chargebacks.

Creating Your First Campaign

Just take a quick look at the Campaign Creation tool to get started with your first campaign.

You must first decide which type you’ll use before launching your campaign. There are campaigns for display, native, or pop-under advertising. We’ll go over each one individually and explain how it works.

  • Display campaigns may use static (png or jpeg banners) or dynamic (GIF or HTML5 banners) banners. Use display advertising if you want to raise awareness of your brand or product, if you want to target a particular market (in this case, the cryptocurrency market), or if you want to promote your product using visuals.
  • Native Campaigns’ advertisements change to fit the layout of the website they are displayed on. In this scenario, you’ll need to share some text and images (jpg and png) so that the platform can use them to create unique native banners that match the layout of the hosting page instead of uploading a banner. When blending your offer across various web platforms and apps within Coinzilla’s network of publishers, you should use this type of advertisement so as not to disturb the audience.
  • Two strategies are used with pop-under campaigns: you can either redirect a user to a landing page or use a pre-lander (a special page that contains a strong This kind of advertisement tends to produce more leads than the others because it intrigues the audience about the item you’re trying to sell.

You must fill out the General Details section with the necessary information after choosing which campaign to use.

It is well known that having a larger budget increases your chances of getting better results because you have more resources to use, but this is not always the case. However, the pricing options have a direct impact on how your advertisements are delivered.

You’ll get more traffic if your CPM Price and Daily Budget are higher; less traffic if they are lower. This does not obligate you to select the highest CPM Price and Daily Budget, though. Always spend your money judiciously. Before setting the CPM, check to make sure it will be adjusted to the top price in effect.


In the cryptocurrency and Web3 industries, Coinzilla is a well-known promotional company. Coinzilla is one of the biggest cryptocurrency marketing firms in the business, but there are other ones that are also worth mentioning. They are well-known for their effective marketing campaigns and have been around for a while.


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