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Cloudbet features

Cloudbet offers a variety of casino games from many large game providers, including:

  • Play
  • Spinous omentum
  • Beit soft
  • Tom Horne game
  • dandy
  • Evolutionary game
  • Garmevi

The casino offers slot machines, lottery slot machines, arcade games, table games, baccarat, blackjack, roulette and virtual games.

What is cloudbet?

Founded in Montenegro in 2013, cloudbet is a bitcoin casino owned and operated by CB holdings. Cloudbet operates under the license and supervision of Montenegrin electronic gambling company and has the license of Curacao E-gaming.

In terms of electronic gambling, it has registration number 50615951 in Podgorica, Moscow. 65 as its registered address. The e-commerce license number of cura ç ao Island is 1668 / Jaz, the company name is halycon super holdings BV, and the address is paraweg 45, cura ç ao Island.

Cloudbet is an operator that only provides bitcoin, providing a comprehensive online casino and sports gambling platform.

Cloudbet is one of the earliest online casinos in the bitcoin gaming market. Since its establishment, cloudbet has successfully maintained its high status as one of the top bitcoin gambling websites. In fact, cloudbet has the world’s leading titles in bitcoin casino and bitcoin sports gambling. Cloudbet allows users to enjoy the benefits of bitcoin and blockchain technology. These include transparency, speed, low cost and security.

How does cloudbet work?


First impression

Cloudbet is undoubtedly the most advanced bitcoin sports manual we have ever seen. All the content of the website emphasizes authenticity – which may be lacking in other pages of bitcoin sportsbooks. Cloudbet looks as bright as some of the world’s top online gambling companies. Websites like William Hill and pinnacle have similar professional interfaces.

Although cloudbet has been in operation for just over six months, its top products make it easier for them to trust. In cloudbet’s short history, cloudbet has also proved to be a reliable choice for gamblers. Bitcoin dialogue forum and other websites provide active support. We have dealt with their support team several times, and cloudbet’s professionalism is unparalleled in bitcoin sports gambling.

One disadvantage of cloudbet is that it is probably the most anonymous bitcoin sports book. Cloudbet requires an email for every new account registered. In addition, cloudbet also requires an email confirmation before the gambler deposits.

Huge deposit bonus

Cloudbet is the location of the largest deposit bonus available on bitcoin Sportsbook, but it is not far away. First time depositors will receive 100% matching bonus up to 5.0 BTC. This can easily reach thousands of euros, dollars or pounds, making it one of the largest deposit bonuses of all online sports gambling websites. Most importantly, once the bonus is applied to their account, players have 365 days to clear the bonus.

The way to unlock the bonus is to earn loyalty points – cloudbet’s casino and sports gambling reward program. Sportsbook will release 0.01btc for every 800 loyalty points. This makes the scrolling process very long. But then again, the amount of liquidation may be very large, and players may need a year to settle the bonus.

World Cup promotion offers

Register cloudbet as a new customer during the world cup to get a risk-free bet of 6.5mbtc! You just have to bet on the world cup. If you lose, you will get the highest bet of 6.5mbtc. Check the terms and conditions of this risk-free offer and gamble responsibly!

Sports Game

There are more than 100 pre game and in game market features, and it is impossible to miss this event when betting with cloudbet. In addition, if you want to participate in the cycle and pay attention to the recurring sports events every month, registering for cloudbet newsletter will always keep you focused.

Although we haven’t encountered any unusual sports, the cloudbet sportsbook website seems to cover all major sports, so you can bet on your favorite sports at any time. Cloudbet prides itself on having the highest odds of betting on bitcoin in the NFL and NBA, cricket and tennis – just one of the major leagues offered by this bitcoin sports book on its website.

Extensive football reports from around the world allow players to see a series of impressive gambling activities held in the United States, Asia, Australia, Africa, the United Kingdom and many other European countries.

Betcloud also covers basketball extensively. Players can bet in many popular leagues, including the NBA and the European Union, which is the favorite event for European basketball audiences.

Ice sports fans can enjoy the fun of betting on games such as ice hockey and increasingly popular curling on cloudbet, while racing enthusiasts can use racing cars to bet on cloudbet.

In addition to the most advanced bitcoin sports books, betcloud also allows players to make live bets and even arrange activities at home or on the go. This is a great benefit for those who seek flexibility in sports betting. Today, you can choose to watch your favorite sports events, whether on a desktop or smartphone, which is an integral part of the whole package. In this regard, betcloud has undoubtedly performed well.



Betting on your favorite sports events on a portable device is as simple and smooth as betting on a desktop. All you need is a smartphone or tablet.

Cloudbet doesn’t currently offer a gaming app, but we found it easy to access the site through an iPhone browser. Once the page loads, you can see how well it responds to any mobile device. In addition, cloudbet looks attractive. The layout, text, and buttons are well suited to the screen, and all images are context aware.

If cloudbet gamblers have any difficult problems, you can see the real-time chat icon in the lower right corner to provide instant support. Clicking on the green bubble allows players to get Zendesk support that will always be useful. By the way, the live chat team is extremely efficient.

When we browse different sports websites on mobile phones, our favorite thing is that everything is in one place. Cloudbet doesn’t have any confusion and doesn’t need to jump between screens and try to find betting tickets. As we mentioned earlier, cloudbet is very sensitive on any device, whether Android or IOS gadgets.

In addition to fully optimizing sports gambling activities, the development of cloudbet website also provides the best mobile experience for high gamblers. All games on cloudbet’s bitcoin casino can be tested for free before the real trial.

Is cloudbet legit or a scam?

Cloudbet seems legal. I trust cloudbet to bet with my bitcoin. Here are the reasons I like and trust them:

  • Active threads on bitcointalk.org forum since 2013.
  • Overall, cloudbet’s reddit consensus is positive (even fraud warnings seem to be a user problem, not cloudbet).
  • Confirm consistent withdrawals
  • Cloudbet has ready to use support.

Cloudbet Pros and Cons


Cloudbet Pros

  • Cloudbet anonymous playback. Just register with your email address
  • Cloudbet has games that prove fair. The game has been tested by RNG
  • Secure website. SSL and two factor authentication ensure the security of your account
  • Thousands of slots and more than 50 active tables
  • Cloudbet has impressive sports books. They offer low profits and a wide competition market
  • Cloudbet has exotic gambling. Gambling, entertainment and Politics
  • Quick withdrawal. Many withdrawals take about 10 minutes

Cloudbet Cons

  • Sports betting odds. Other sports books offer better odds in major events
  • Limited contact information. It is difficult to find details of restrictions, fees and expenses
  • Join the VIP program by invitation. You can’t just decide to join, but if you’re selected, it means you’re really a VIP!
  • There is no exclusive game.
  • But there are so many kinds of casino games that you may not care
  • Possible handling charges. They may charge a deposit fee.
  • Bitcoin and bitcoin cash only.

Cloudbet registration


Registration is very simple. Use your email or set up an account with your Google, Facebook or GitHub account.

Check the check box indicating that you have reached the legal gambling age and select a language. Look! You succeeded!

After registration, you can choose your user name, date of birth, set the format of sports odds, and add funds to your account using an encrypted wallet or encrypted card.

When you enter the “add funds” section, you can choose your currency, buy encryption software directly with your card, or use monthly payment.

Make sure you select the desired currency because it cannot be changed later.

How to profit from cloudbet?

You do not have to provide any personal information when registering. Just provide your email address and password, that’s all. No name, no address, no document. It is best to use two factor authentication to protect your account. You can do this using Google authenticator.

However, there are some examples where users are required to provide personal identification to cloudbet. Therefore, cloudbet is not a 100% anonymous bookmaker like nitrogen sports. Some users may have to provide their own information, especially those who deposit and / or withdraw a large amount of cryptocurrency.

As far as we know, no matter where you are, you can bet with cloudbet, which is a huge advantage!

Large game selection


As a cloudbet user, you can bet on many different sports. Their game choices are the same as many old and ordinary gambling companies.

World football (football) can be said to be the most selective sport you can find. You can bet on the winner, Asian obstacles, total score, corner kick, midfield score, etc. Cloudbet is doing quite well here. If you are a football betting man, you certainly won’t lack any choice.

In American sports such as football, basketball and baseball, you can bet on the winner, point difference, total number of games and several niche points.

All possibilities are great, but sometimes cloudbet provides a particularly powerful line

Cloudbet also offers many regular tennis matches. You will find all major events and some small events, such as Challenger Championships around the world.

Finally, cloudbet is a good place to bet on racing. You can bet on Formula One winners, championship, qualifying and race drivers, as well as some other series of racing sports, such as formula two, IndyCar, etc.

In addition to these sports, you will find many other sports. All the most popular sports in the world are reflected in the choice of cloudbet games. You can even bet on politics!

Field sports

You can also use cloudbet to bet on live events. On average, the odds will be slightly worse before the game, but this is true for all gambling companies. The live platform runs well and can be recommended. You can bet on sports such as football, tennis and basketball. Most big games are broadcast live. It may take a few seconds to really bet, but the platform works well.

Cloudbet bonus

Like many other gaming companies, cloudbet offers bonuses to newly registered players. Bonuses have been as high as 5 BTC / BCH, although most players can only get smaller bonuses.

The system works so that you can get a 100% match on your first deposit. If you transfer 0.01 BTC, cloudbet will match the amount and you will have 0.02 BTC to play.

For every 0.01 BTC bonus, you must earn 800 loyalty points. These loyalty points are obtained by betting heavily on cloudbet. However, it may take some time to clean up a large amount of garbage. You have 365 days to do so.

You will also find occasional offers for regular customers. We recommend sending cloudbet updates to your email as this is the way you can best discover these bonus offers.

Cloudbet deposits and withdrawals


Cloudbet is a bit unique because cloudbet only deals with a single form of banking methods. Unlike most other online sports books and casinos that involve multiple banking options, cloudbet offers bitcoin as your only banking option. Next, we will discuss the details of deposit and withdrawal on cloudbet.


As mentioned above, bitcoin is your only deposit bank option in cloudbet. Next, we introduce the key details of deposit time, minimum deposit amount and maximum deposit amount in detail.

  • Minimum deposit amount: 0.001 BTC
  • Maximum deposit amount: n / A
  • Deposit processing time: immediate


Similar to deposits, cloudbet only provides bitcoin for withdrawals from its website. For your convenience, we have added key withdrawal information below.

  • Minimum withdrawal amount: 0.001 BTC
  • Maximum withdrawal amount: N / A
  • Withdrawal processing time: instant for most cloudbet requests

We’ve seen other online sports books and casinos that only trade bitcoin. Overall, this is still rare. We believe that because of this limitation, cloudbet severely limits its potential customers. Although some people have accepted bitcoin, most people are still unaware of or afraid of bitcoin. To be sure, bitcoin is not widely accepted. We strongly recommend cyddbet to consider adding more banking options such as bank line, credit card and netell to their lineup, so that cloudbet can attract more potential customers.

You can start using cloudbet with a minimum deposit of 0.001 BTC. By the way, this is also the minimum withdrawal amount and the minimum bet size. There is no maximum deposit limit; You can add the amount you want to your gaming account. There is no maximum withdrawal amount.

One of the benefits of betting with bitcoin is that you don’t have to wait hours or days to process your deposits and withdrawals. Most transactions are processed almost immediately.

Another awesome thing about cloudbet is that you don’t need to provide any personal information when you register, deposit or withdraw!

You just need to register with a valid email address and connect to your bitcoin wallet. That’s it.

Therefore, if you have privacy issues, cloudbet is the best place for you to gamble.

In terms of security, the funds you deposit are stored offline in the cold storage, which can prevent hacker attacks. You can also use two factor authentication to protect your account.

Cloudbet welcome bonus


When you register at an online casino, you will receive a 100% first deposit bonus of up to 5 BTC. Please note that in order to qualify for the first deposit bonus, your deposit must be at least 0.01 BTC.

You can bet on casino slot machines, keno, table games, live dealer tables and video poker. In addition, as part of the cloudbet welcome package, you will get 80 free rotations.

Cloudbet’s welcome bonus does not meet the typical betting requirements set by most casinos. Instead, to earn this amount, you need to collect loyalty points for a total of 365 days. For every 800 loyalty points, you will get 0.01 BTC. Let’s see how loyalty points work.

Free rotation

In addition, as part of the cloudbet welcome package, you will get 80 free rotations.

Loyalty Points

Through its loyalty points program, players receive bonus points every time they bet on bitcoin, regardless of the bet, odds or sport involved. Only the number of points varies with these different factors.

For cloudbet casino games, your loyalty points are equal to your mbtc bet multiplied by your score. But for Sportsbook, you get a score equal to the bet multiplied by the price score. Please note that for casino games, slot machines have the highest income and blackjack has the lowest income.

When your loyalty points accumulate to 800 points, the online casino will automatically provide you with a reward of 0.01 BTC. This amount will appear in your account on the website. However, to qualify, you need to earn enough points to pay the bonus within 365 days.

You can check the loyalty point balance or BTC bonus balance on the cloudbet player dashboard. Here, you can also check how many points you need to get the next bonus.


Monday deposit

This bonus plan is only applicable to players who deposit on Monday. If they suffer losses, they can recover up to 25% of the losses. This quantity can be up to 50 mbtc.

The minimum total deposit for this offer is 0.1 mbtc. Only losers are eligible for this offer. This means that if you win, you can’t qualify. You must use cash to enjoy this offer. The bonus is only valid for 1 day.

Tuesday’s turnover

On Tuesday, players are eligible for 1 free spin per 2 mbtc bet. This offer only applies to slot games in online casinos. Whatever the outcome of your bet, you will get a chance.

The total number of free rotations per player is limited to 100, and you need a minimum cash fund turnover of 10 mbtc. Online Casino Rewards free rotating sword and Holy Grail. You will get free rotation on Wednesday and will only be valid for 1 day.

Win Wednesday

In this promotion, winners can enjoy a bonus of up to 50 mbtc every Wednesday. All you have to do is deposit and win. If you win, you will automatically get a 20% bonus.

To qualify, your minimum deposit should be 0.1 mbtc. If you fail, you will not qualify. The system will pay bonuses on Thursday and is valid for only one day.

Turbine Thursday

On Thursday, you can get a bonus by reloading your account. This will earn you a 100% reload bonus.

To qualify for this promotion, you need to pay a minimum deposit of 0.1 mbtc and a maximum bonus of 50 mbtc. In this case, unlike other cases, you have up to 3 days to complete the bonus offer.

However, it only applies to casinos and requires 30 times customs clearance to withdraw money.

Free spin Championship weekend

In this tournament, choose a series of cloudbet games, and you will be eligible to share 1300 free spins. You can get up to 300 free rotations and get 1 point for every 1 mbtc spent.

At the end of the day, cloudbet will reward the player with the highest score for free rotation.

Is cloudbet worth it?


If you register on cloudbet, you can now get up to 5 BTC of 100% game bonus.

If you are familiar with the bitcoin exchange rate, you will know that this is a lot of money.

To get this cloudbet bonus, all you need to do is create your account, confirm it by email, and make an initial deposit.

The deposit amount is usually credited within a few seconds.

However, the bonus needs to be accumulated. In this sense, it is like a loyalty plan.

You bet on cloudbet sports and play the casino games provided by the website, which will help you get points. You can earn 0.01 bitcoin for every 800 loyalty points you accumulate. You will have 365 days to accumulate as many loyalty points as possible to get the maximum reward.

Interestingly, I don’t see any requirements on turnover to meet the requirements for withdrawing bonus. Therefore, once the bonus is credited to your account, you can use or withdraw it as you like.

In addition to the cloudbet game deposit bonus, cloudbet also provides specific promotions for special events.

For example, you can now earn up to 50 mbtc in some NCAA and NFL games.

The US Open also has a cool promotion. If you bet on any game at the US Open, you have a chance to get points. When the odds are 1.50 and above, you can get one point for every 10 mbtc bet. The top 10 players can share a 2.5 BTC bonus.

Cloudbet has similar promotions throughout the year.



Cloudbet provides a decent encrypted casino for beginners and experienced gamblers. Through the real-time chat function, users can get instant replies from the website’s support team if they have any questions.

In addition, those who are not familiar with cryptocurrency will not encounter difficulties when using cloudbet, because there is a function that allows users to use Fiat to buy their favorite cryptocurrency after several clicks.

However, every glimmer of hope will cast a shadow. Cloudbet also has some disadvantages, including problems with search tools, no mobile applications, fewer types of bets, personal information requests, etc. Once you can see through these shortcomings, you will bet with bitcoin on cloudbet.

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