In recent years, it seems that many faucet websites have emerged, some of which are more valuable than others. But is any of them really worth your attention? This is debatable. After reading this review, you will have better opinions.

Start Here. Pros and Cons Pros

  • Easy to use interface and navigation
  • Good mission scope
  • Advertising is internal based Cons

  • Very small Satoshi offers
  • Bitcoin Satoshi only
  • Receive payment from free users within 7 days

Claimbits Overview


Claimbits is a free faucet, where you can get bits every 5 minutes by decoding the verification code. You can increase your bits revenue by accessing short links, completing PTC access, providing services, etc.

Then convert your bitcoin into bitcoin and withdraw money from faucet payment or bitcoin wallet.

If you don’t sign in for more than 220 days, you will begin to lose 5 digits a day until you sign in again or your account balance becomes 0.

How does work?

Encrypted coin faucet websites have become more and more popular, which is the feature of Claimbits will provide you with the opportunity to earn bitcoin Satoshi, which is a small part of bitcoin cryptocurrency.

This is achieved by completing trivial tasks, usually by clicking the advertising link of For each task you can perform, a bit value is assigned Bits’ is the internal currency of claimbits and can be converted to Satoshi.

This website is applicable to both “users” who want to earn Satoshi and “advertisers” who want to expose their promotional activities. Advertisers will find this valuable for generating potential customers, selling or choosing to join.

You may not know the word Satoshi, so here’s an explanation. Satoshi is a small part of bitcoin. To be exact, 1 Satoshi is equal to 0.00000001 bitcoin. Yes, this is a very small amount.

So, will earning Satoshi be an ideal opportunity for you to embark on the road of financial success? I doubt this, but please read on for your own instructions.

Is legit or a scam?


Some people claim that the faucet website is a scam because its essence is to attract people to get such a meager return. Although I won’t recommend claimbits as a way to make money, in my opinion, is not a scam.

Claimbits provides services to those who are willing to invest their time to earn a meager income. They didn’t suggest that you would make a lot of money, but they didn’t explain your actual income.

No, claimbits is not a scam, but like other faucet websites, you can do more with your precious time.

Claimbits features

Are you considering using or other coin faucets to earn extra cash? If so, I think you’re going the wrong way.

These faucet websites are actually created for faucet creators, advertisers and encryption experts who use Satoshi to test. They are not created for people to earn reasonable cash to buy weekend beer.

That’s where I used to be. I’m looking for a way to make money, which may become my full-time job. After many hours and wasted many opportunities, but in the end did not cause too many consequences, I realized that the legal “get rich quick” option no longer exists online.

What are the main features of

  • The faucet can earn 10000 bits every 15 minutes
  • Short links earn bits by accessing short links
  • PTC advertising makes a profit by visiting the website
  • The bidder earns bits by completing the quotation
  • CPU mining obtains bits by using your device CPU

How to make money from claimbits?

You can choose several different ways to get Satoshi, the most important of which are short links and PTC advertising. Many of these methods are basically the same, because all you do is click on the ads and watch them within a specified time frame.

The following is a screenshot of the PTC advertisement section, where you can select the advertisement you want to watch. Each screen displays a reward value and the time required to watch the advertisement. As you can see, in order to earn more “bits”, you need to watch longer advertisements.

You can also see the return of these short links and the remaining views.


Just click the “access” button and you will be taken to another screen displaying advertisements. I like the links you click on because they are included in

I have encountered the problem that the external sites you directly visit are exposed to viruses. My anti-virus software blocked the suggested advertisement, which means that the task cannot be completed.

As shown below, the domain still exists.

Unfortunately, I don’t like the insecurity of the domain. I have highlighted the “unsafe” section for your reference.

In this era, all websites should have a secure padlock symbol, similar to what you see in the browser window of this website.

Anyway, if you continue to look down, you can see the blue elapsed time mark, which will reach the end of the line when your assigned viewing time is completed. If you leave this page within the required time frame, you will not receive “bits”.

Therefore, in addition to short links and PTC advertisements, you can introduce others to This will allow you to earn up to 20% of your recommended claims.

There are other ways to earn “bits”. Click “faucet” and you will have a chance to get “free bits every 15 minutes”. However, to have this ability, you need to click on three short links of the day in advance. Depending on your membership type, you can “scroll and win” anywhere between 3-60 digits.

A more interesting way to get bitcoin is to bet on how you think bitcoin will react in the next five minutes. For a fixed “bit” investment (no matter how much you like), you can bet on the rise and fall of bitcoin in the next five minutes.

ClaimBits withdrawal

Unlike some other faucet websites, calimbits only pays bitcoin Satoshi. Sites like litecoin ads will pay with litecoin, but claimbits is just a bitcoin faucet website.

You need to have a micro wallet payment system setup, and it is recommended to use faucet payment, kswallet or bitcoin wallet.

Is worth it?


Any tap company has little profit potential. This includes claimbits, one of the best bitcoin faucet websites I’ve ever seen. To explain how much money you make through these faucet websites, here is an example.

You have heard me mention “bit” in this comment, which is an internal currency, about 1.5 Satoshi.

As I explained earlier, 1 Satoshi is equivalent to 0.00000001 bitcoin. At present, the value of bitcoin is about $8000, so in dollar terms, the value of a Satoshi is $0.0000793569.

The completion time of PTC task is said to be 20 seconds, and the reward is 5. Or 15 bits in 60 seconds, and their calculation results are the same.

Therefore, when you navigate to the PTC page, wait to load, select the PTC task, and load the ad page, you have used about 1 minute. Then you read the ad and go back to the claimbits home page.

It took you 2 minutes, but generously, let’s assume that you have ultra-high speed broadband and you need 1 minute to complete everything. It’s unrealistic, but I’ll still make you happy.

This will be 5 bits x 60 minutes, equivalent to 300 bits per hour. Not that you can “end-to-end” for 8 hours, but suppose you do. You have 2400 bits a day, equivalent to 3600 Satoshi.

What is 3600 Satoshi in US dollars? About $0.28. Do you really think your precious time is worth 28 cents a day’s work? In this case, I am also very generous. In fact, you are more likely to earn 20 cents in the United States.

Although this can be reinvested into the actual bitcoin, it will take many years to accumulate a considerable amount. Even so, it won’t be worth much money, and there is no dividend return every month. You can make money only when you sell things.


In my opinion, the opportunity of is only suitable for those who desperately want to find some return for their time. There are many other opportunities online to provide better value, and I will explain my favorite at the bottom of this review.

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