Everything you should know about CCGmining. CCGmining Review for you! To date, CCG mining’s services have won the trust of 10000 private customers and 135 commercial customers.

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CCG mining Pros and Cons


CCG Pros

  • The main selling points of CCG mining are its various available encryption mining plans and the provision of customized and customized solutions to meet individual needs and budgets. How much can you invest in the cloud mining business, establish your own custom mining equipment, and even become the co owner of the company’s mining data center. However, the cost of owning their own mining equipment may scare off some potential customers.
  • The second advantage is the simplicity and transparency of the cloud mining process, which is included in all stages while allowing you full access and control.
  • It is also worth mentioning that CCG provides round the clock technical support to ensure the smooth operation of the process, and can consult if necessary.
  • Last but not least, different levels of BTC programs are available on the platform. All you need to do is register CCG mining company and decide which option is best for you!

CCG mining Cons

  • Not all contracts are currently available.
  • There is no mobile platform.

What is CCG mining?


CCG mining has six offices in five countries: Poland, the United Kingdom, Russia, Latvia, Austria and the Czech Republic.

CCG mining has two large-area mining data centers dedicated to bitcoin and altcoins mining. The mining data center provides the best operating conditions of mining equipment, constant temperature, reduce energy consumption, improve the hashing capacity of mining equipment and protect it.

CCG mining was founded in 2016 during the cryptocurrency boom. Today, everything we do is based on the principle of “we provide convenience for you”. CCG mining – is an international company providing comprehensive solutions based on blockchain technology. CCG mining is based on a strong, strong and powerful team. Because of this, we adjust our working methods and technologies to meet the current needs and expectations of customers, effectively respond to the changing market with great flexibility, and CCG mining is also willing to accept new challenges while maintaining high quality and stability.

How does CCG mining work?


CCG mining is a professional team that is doing its best to provide anyone with the slogan “we make you easy”, no matter where they live, understand cryptocurrency and the degree of participation in cryptocurrency. We work every day to create new and innovative products to meet your largest and most complex needs, while providing the most flexible and cost competitive solutions.

Is CCG mining legit or a scam?


There is currently a customer review on CCG mining. On average, their star rating is 2 / 10, and 0% of commentators said they would buy the brand again.

CCG mining Main Features


Home page: https://www.ccgmining.com

Mining coins: bitcoin, payer

Minimum withdrawal: 0.002 BTC

Recommended Commission: for each user you invite, you can get 6% of the cloud mining contract purchased and 3% of all other products of CCG mining

CCG mining registration

Resource traffic from 2.5000 users per day. The website integrates translations in multiple languages.

New users need to register on CCG mining com by specifying webmail and password.

Then use the link in the letter to visit the site for verification.

After that, you can go to the hashrate shopping page, click the shopping basket icon, enter the ccgming promotion code, and then click apply.

Capacity will be immediately credited to the customer balance. If the user loses the system password, he will receive the new password by clicking the login link. Instructions for regaining access will be sent by email.

How to profit from CCG Mining?


Cgmining.com is created to ensure that every problem related to cryptocurrency can be easily digested and accessed by you. No technical, software or technical knowledge in the field of cryptocurrency is required. CCG mining has completed this work for you. From now on, the mining process will be your fun. All you have to do is observe how your investment works for you and makes a profit. They’ll handle everything else.

CCG mining offers a variety of products, starting from cryptocurrency, from cloud mining contracts to space leasing and VIP investment packages in mining data centers. They also develop new mining data centers for VIP investors to make their investments safer and execute the most complex orders. By choosing CCG mining as a partner, you can rest assured that any of your requirements will be met.

CCG mining does not focus on a preferred cryptocurrency. They expand their portfolio with new cryptocurrencies every day, so they provide cloud mining contracts for the most popular cryptocurrencies. They strive to make the solution as flexible as possible and customize it according to the personalized needs of each customer.

While providing the highest quality service, cgmining.com tries its best to ensure that the price of products is as favorable as possible. They optimize all possible processes while building, configuring, and managing your mining rig server to meet the needs of each customer.


CCG mining has a transparent pricing policy. There is no hidden cost behind it, and there are no unclear and hidden provisions. By selecting our quotation, you will receive products that are exactly consistent with the description and indicated price.

In the calculator, you need to select:

  • Type of cryptocurrency;
  • Capacity and quantity;
  • Mining duration.

The system will display the cost of 1 hash, all hashes, current cryptocurrency exchange rate and profit as a percentage. The profitability of CCG mining includes 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year and 2 years.

The bitcoin contract shows that the annual yield is about 7% at the interest rate of $9000 per coin. However, here, what you need to consider is that the plan has only one year of activities and charges maintenance fees for it. Therefore, given the current complexity and return process, it will take 18 months.

CCG Mining Withdrawal


In the first 18 months, I experienced relatively trouble free cloud mining. Although they were always slow to pay and answer support questions, they didn’t have any questions when they finally got the answer.

The situation seems to have changed since they completely stopped paying and responding to support requests in the middle of last year.

Although it’s not a devastating loss for me, it’s annoying. If they do have 45000 private customers and 850 enterprises, assuming that their debt levels are similar, at today’s eth price of $230, it is equivalent to a value of more than 58000 eth ~ 13.5 million. You may be able to fund a pretty good lifestyle and leave the grid with this small number of passwords.

CCG Mining Referral Program


The company is committed to providing products to every customer all over the world. Therefore, they offer special benefits to partners who will receive preferential commissions for their participation in CCG mining projects and their promotion. Become a CCG mining partner today to contribute to the development of the cryptocurrency world and create a source of your primary or passive income.

Is CCG mining worth it?


CCG mining is a European based company founded by professional and private people associated with cryptocurrencies. We constantly improve our expertise to provide the most innovative and competitive products. They strive to provide service to every demanding customer, so as to ensure high-quality service. You can always contact us and they will answer any questions in the field of cryptocurrency. You can also visit the office to learn about the situation and chat over coffee.

CCG mining’s cloud mining service allows you to choose bitcoin or several other alternative currencies for mining, and its package starts at $50. The minimum investment amount of bitcoin contract is 50 / 200 GH. This is about 60% more expensive than hashflare, but the key difference is that their contract is indefinite / lifelong, while hashflare’s contract is only one year. I’m still investing in hashflare, but I’m also starting to invest some money here.

CCG mining is also very wise to pay on the 15th of each month. This significantly reduces the fees associated with immediate payment and ensures that it attracts only long-term investors.

I think you’ll be happy to invest your money in this company. CCG mining is a real mining company (their mines are located in Gdansk and Warsaw).



Experienced investors scrutinize Internet companies. There are always untrusted users on the network who are worried about the privacy, return on investment and income of their personal data. Surprisingly, CCG mining had no bad comments. People wrote real comments on ccgming com on the Forum – CCG mining successfully cooperated, withdrawal, and were satisfied with their joint work. To truly understand the mining process, you can invest in a minimal plan and actually explore the nuances.. Although CCG mining is very young, the company leaders are still working towards this goal.

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