An American-based bitcoin ad network is called Bitraffic. CPC and CPM are the network’s two revenue models. CPC or CPM advertisements are options for publishers. To the Bitcoadz network, it offers a solid substitute. Before approving their accounts, BiTraffic reviews publishers’ websites.

What Are Crypto Ad Networks? And Why Are They Significant?

Like Google AdSense and other ad networks, cryptocurrency ad networks are also ad networks. The only distinction is that this particular type of ad network supports projects with a cryptographic focus. Only those organizations and websites focused on blockchain technology are approved by the networks.

Try crypto advertising sectors if you have one. Through this kind of network, native ads and banner ads can be used to run extremely effective advertising campaigns.

You should monetize such content with crypto ad networks and use advertising strategies appropriately if you want to draw your desired traffic in large numbers to your cryptocurrency projects. You can reap the greatest benefits in this way.

What Is Bitraffic

As one of the biggest and best Crypto Ad networks, Bitraffic was established in November 2017 and currently works with over 2700 websites. As a new network, you can anticipate cutting-edge tools, features, methods, and services from Bitraffic. On the other hand, as you can see, the network has been around for a while and has a lot of experience in the advertising sector, so you can put your faith in their expertise.

Promoting trading, buying, ICO tokens, DApps, casino games, investing platforms, mining operations, cryptocurrency faucets, and many other things have been made much easier thanks to it. Therefore, you can try this network if you need assistance in any of the aforementioned areas. We sincerely hope you will find it useful. The system ensures a number of impressions each day and has an anti-bot component.

This ad network has a very easy and straightforward payment process. Payments can be made using BTC, LTC, ETH, and 27 other cryptocurrencies because the payment model is Pay-Per-Click, which supports multiple payment methods.

Bitraffic: How Does It Operate?

The first and foremost cryptocurrency ad network, Bitraffic, which operates on approximately 2700 websites, was established in November 2017. It is very helpful when it comes to marketing investments, obtaining ICO tokens, DApps, casino games, investing platforms, mining operations, cryptocurrency faucets, and many other things.


  • Name of the Company: Bitraffic
  • Country: US
  • Payment Method: Ethereum, Paypal, and Bitcoin
  • Payment Frequency: Net 15
  • Minimum payment: $10
  • Commission Type: CPC or CPM
  • Customer service quality: 24/7
  • Email address: [email protected]

Features Of Bitraffic

  • Keyword Targeting: Reach the right customers with the aid of our keyword search engine. We make sure you can reach your target audience without worry.
  • Advertising CPC or CPM: You can choose between CPC and CPM advertising! Your initial campaign’s profitability and return on investment will increase thanks to bitraffic traffic.
  • Real-time visitors: Having immediate access to thorough statistics on your advertising zones

A Bitcoin Transaction Is Based On The Following Elements:

After verification is successful, the transaction is added to other recent transactions to form a new data block.

This new data block is added to the ledger. It is accessible to everyone and never ends. It also can’t be changed at all.

At this point, the initial transaction is finished. Due to the rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies, there are now devoted Bitcoin ad networks that let you display Bitcoin-related advertisements on your website to generate more revenue in bitcoin. Additionally, there may be differences in the websites that ad networks are permitted to include as well as support ratings and payout procedures.

Final Conclusion

Bitraffic is perfect for websites that deal in bitcoin, cryptocurrency, ICO tokens, and mining. Below, publishers who had experience with this bitcoin ad network can discuss their stories. Additionally, you may send documentation of payments. I hope that this review of Bitraffic will be helpful to new publishers.


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