In order to become the finest cryptocurrency ad network, Bitmedia, a well-known bitcoin ad network, aims to match blockchain companies with the right crypto audience. Its goal is to increase how convenient it is to buy and sell ads online. Because it provides publishers and advertisers with good service, Bitmedia has been more respected in recent years.

What Is Bitmedia?

In essence,, which was established in 2014, is a cryptocurrency advertising network. The best thing about Bitmedia is that it is primarily focused on offering services and solutions to cryptocurrency websites and businesses. Another significant advantage Bitmedia has over its rivals is the sizable audience they have amassed from the more than 7000 cryptocurrency websites. The solutions offered by Bitmedia are really great because they give publishers and advertisers new opportunities.

It is simple to monetize all of the website traffic with this platform. Additionally, if you need help with blockchain and cryptocurrency initiatives, Bitmedia is here to help. Because they provide a more personalized experience, the advertising services are genuinely outstanding. Bitmedia’s ad services make it easier to grow your business and earn more money as a result.

How Does Bitmedia Work?

Each time a user visits a website that contains their ads, Bitmedia uses an engine to select the most pertinent content. However, the visitor won’t see this advertisement until the ad engine has finished examining a number of parameters as the website loads in the browser.  The topic of the ads, the website of the publisher, the interests and preferences of the visitors, the advertiser’s bid, etc. are all taken into consideration when choosing which ad to show to the visitor. The best ad for the visitor is selected by the system following the completion of the data analysis.

Their algorithms, which take milliseconds to complete, determine which ads should be displayed to which visitors. Through the use of the runtime anti-fraud system, it also monitors and filters all erroneous impressions.

Thanks to Bitmedia, you may decide where the advertisement is shown. You have two options: either you choose the publishers you wish to work with and purchase advertisements from their list at your discretion, or you rely on their algorithms to choose the best places for your ads to appear. The visitor’s interests and the websites they are viewing will decide this.

Advertisers are able to alter the targeting parameters whenever they choose, even after the commercials have started to air. Additionally, they provide their customers the choice to keep track of all the sources they don’t like and add them to a blacklist.

What Sets Bitmedia Apart From Other Crypto Ad Networks?

Since its launch in 2015, has served as a network for cryptocurrency advertising. In place of Cointraffic, Coinzilla, and other cryptocurrency ad networks, it is the ideal substitute.

It is unique among all crypto advertising networks due to the targeted audience it offers to its advertisers. Because they have maintained and steadily improved their quality over the last few years, many advertisers and publishers favor over other ad networks.

As a top crypto ad network, Bitmedia rewards its advertisers and publishers with a range of premium features that are absent from other networks, including high-performing ad formats, adaptable pricing structures, specialized targeting, high-quality traffic, and more.

Types Of Ad Formats

The three ad formats that Bitmedia currently supports are as follows:

  • Display advertisements

Display advertisements are a way to draw users’ attention to a website or social media platform. These advertisements, which can either be text-based or visual, invite the viewer to click on them. Any size banner can help you increase revenue and your customer base.

  • Rich-media advertisements

Rich media advertising is different from text and display advertising in that it contains more intricate elements like video, music, and other elements that motivate the viewer to interact. To improve the user appeal of your advertisements, Bitmedia lets you use adaptive smart banners.

  • Video advertisements

Video commercials are advertisements that use video to market your brand, as the name suggests. One of the best ways to quickly and effectively inform your audience about your business is through video commercials.

Who Can Use Bitmedia?

Differentiating Bitmedia from its competitors is the scale of its publisher network. The advertising network has worked with over 10,000 sites worldwide in the crypto area. Almost every country and location in the globe has a market that cryptocurrency entrepreneurs may access.

As a bitcoin company, you can manage global advertising from a single dashboard. Your advertising expenditures will be reduced by the requirement to maintain affiliate programs and relationships with numerous publishers.

Additionally, the traffic you purchased is from your target audience. Using the efficient filtering options, you can manage who sees your advertising, when they show, and on which devices.

Last but not least, Bitmedia’s decentralized payment system eliminates any geographical or legal restrictions on using the platform. Publishers receive immediate payouts to their Bitcoin wallets.

Final Verdict

Companies, publishers, and advertisers have a unique opportunity to grow their enterprises with the help of They provide incredibly strong advertising services in addition to having excellent customer service. From among their different ad formats, you can pick the one that best meets your requirements. It’s really easy to sign up for the platform, and setting up the advertising simply requires a few minutes. Bitmedia provides you with both timely payments and high-quality traffic.

This amazing tool should be used by all cryptocurrency businesses to grow. They offer premium services for a reasonable cost. In general, if you’re looking for the greatest bitcoin ad network, Bitmedia is unquestionably among the top.


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