This article will present the faucet, and the instructions for signing up and claiming are provided in this section. One of the websites with free services since 2017 is Autoclaim. Currently, Autoclaim has more than 200000 registered users and more than 20000000 claims.

What is AutoClaim?

One of the most reputable faucet websites in the globe, AutoClaim has been offering free services since 2017. At this time, the website has over 200,000 registered users and over 20,000,000 faucet claims.

With AutoClaim, you can earn cryptocurrency by claiming Auto and Manual faucets with various features, doing surveys, watching movies, going to certain websites, carrying out a variety of other chores, mining cryptocurrency, and many other activities.

Every action you perform on the website earns you level points, which you can use to level up and boost your profits.

26 different cryptocurrencies are available on AutoClaim. Your earned coins can be converted into any currency. Exchange orders are immediately carried out.

Autoclaim Overview

  • Tasks: Auto and Manual Faucet, Offerwalls, Shortlinks, CPU and GPU mining, Games
  • Cashout Solutions: FaucetPay, ExpressCrypto
  • Other Advantages: Instant Withdrawal, 20% referral bonus, Daily Bonus, Premium Support
  • Language: English

It takes time to know how to get paid, you need to get some tokens, after mining, short links, etc., you can use the manual tap to get coins you like. For example, BTC, USD, eth. Coins are stored on their website, but you can immediately extract them to the faucet to pay if you like, I’ve done it a few times and it’s working. Now let’s take a look at the specific registration process.

How to Sign Up on

To begin with, go to the website by clicking here. You must complete the following details: Username, Email, Password, and Password Confirmation.

  • Faucet

Place your claim and increase your cryptocurrency wealth! With our Auto Claim faucet, you can access all currencies in a single tab and boost your earnings by manually claiming.

  • Mining

Join the cryptocurrency revolution and start using your CPU and GPU power to mine different currencies!

  • Games

Do you feel lucky today? A great method to get free cryptocurrency! Play our thrilling games for a chance to increase your profits and gain even more money!

How to Earn From

You can use your username and password the following time after completing the registration.

Your Dashboard will then be visible, along with free tokens, faucets, and games (coming soon) on Autoclaim.

In this section, a variety of cryptocurrencies are visible. You can decide on whatever you want.

The Free Token is one of the most crucial points because you require enough to begin your actions.

Througn the shortlinks part, you can get a free FCT Token which you can use for claiming our the platform’s faucet. After you finish the process, you will get FCT token in the shown amount next to the shortlink.  Next to the FCT tokens, successfully completed shorklinks will get you also 50 Points for leveling up. And when the time is over, the link will be activated for you to visit again. Last but not least, you can do more than one shortlinks at once.

Here are lots of short links you can visit.

Browser mining is the following. You must click the Start Mining button to launch the browser. Additionally, you can use mined hashes to identify your current speed and create your own thread settings. The fact that only valid hashes will be added to the remaining ones and that it might take some time for these to be updated is one of the most crucial considerations. You must keep this faucet open so that I can continue to mine!


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