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Is althub legit or a scam?


Althub provides some features that make the user experience better, but these features are nothing special compared with other similar NZB websites. The website provides a forum where users can discuss the Usenet indexer and the general situation of Usenet. Althub indexes more than 80 different newsgroups, and its indexer refreshes four times an hour. The best thing about althub is that althub provides excellent support to customers. Although we encountered some problems in service, they responded quickly, and most of the problems were solved in a short time. In addition, if you are the kind of person who despises advertising, you are lucky because althub has no advertising at all

Althub Pros and Cons

Althub Pros

  • Althub software is safe to use.
  • Add more althub benefits / benefits in the review section.
  • Althub is compatible with most devices on the market today.

Althub Cons

  • Tiny profit

What is Althub?


Althub is an NZB search engine that allows you to browse and search anything on the Usenet server. You can search and download files automatically or manually.

In 2012, althub, formerly known as, was famous for its fast and secure nzbs automatic indexer. They became an independent field in 2015 and are now a newznab based indexer.

News readers are very important for downloading files in althub. We provide you with a list of the best news readers to facilitate you to supplement the service.

Althub offers its supporters a generous package of services, free and paid. Both member accounts have advantages and disadvantages, depending on which account the user uses.

Althub has a status page that provides reports of daily events, if any. In this way, users can distinguish whether there are problems with their Internet connection or whether there are continuous technical problems on the NZB website.

Althub has a satisfactory and consistent average uptime and fast response time.

This indexer is based on the industry standard newstab. Newsnab is open source and anyone who wants to use it can use althub. Much of the work of the indexer is to obfuscate files whose names are deliberately hidden for any reason. In addition, search engines use regular expressions to accurately determine which files to display to end users. Although the service is usually reliable, althub has some problems offline at random time. In addition, compared with other indexers (such as nzbgeek), their deblurring processing is lacking, because it usually can’t find the files that other indexers will find.

Nzbs and reservations

The Usenet indexing service has indexed more than 900000 files in the entire Usenet database, and continues to add more files from the 80 different newsgroups it indexes. Althub did not disclose details of its retention period, which means althub may not make much impression.

API integration

For some users, the best part of Usenet is that it allows you to automatically schedule downloads using powerful tools such as radar and sonar. These programs allow you to set parameters for downloading content and automatically perform the download when you are away. If you know what you’re doing, the althub API allows you to leverage these services. You need a paid plan to leverage API integration. You can find guidance on how to set up various programs to use the API on the althub website.


If you care about your privacy, you will be glad to know that althub supports complete 256 bit SSL encryption. This means that your activities on the website will be hidden and will not be viewed by any third party except you and althub.

How to use

Just type what you want to search in the main search bar on the website home page. Click the search button to enter the results page. From there, you can click download or add NZB files to the shopping cart. On the search page, you can choose whether you want to view only the results of a single category. Alternatively, you can select multiple results and download them as a single NZB, making it easier to manage your downloads. You can also select one of the categories and browse for the latest versions in that category.

Ease of use

If you have ever used Google to search for something, the althub user interface is self-evident to you. You just type in anything you’re looking for and the website will tell you if you’ve found something similar in althub’s database. New and experienced users can easily use the service. If you know something about Usenet, you can even try using the API.

How does althub work?


Like other NZB websites, althub uses the basic code of newznab, which provides its users with the best experience of browsing and downloading files in usenet. They have a simple and clean interface that any user can easily browse and understand.

The NZB indexer provides a 14 day trial period for free registrants. The free membership level provides an impressive 5000 API calls and 5000 downloads. To upgrade and get an unlimited number of APIs and nzbs, you can pay $10 a year. If you want to update your account for more than a year at a time, you only need to check out twice.

Technical details

Althub has an average uptime of 98% and a response time of 771 milliseconds in one month. Although most hardware details were not disclosed, we found that the site used regex to determine which files to display to end users.

It is also important to note that although they usually have a good average of uptime; They have a problem offline at random time.


Althub has indexed more than 900000 nzbs from 80 different newsgroups. However, the reserved information was not disclosed.


The indexer is based on newznab, which is the platform most NZB sites use for indexing. Newznab is open source and can be used by anyone who wants to use althub. The althub interface is self-evident to all users because it looks neat and easy to find links and labels. Once you log in, the search bar will immediately appear on the home page and the files will be classified by type.

Althub main features


  • Unlimited API and NZB, cheap
  • Privacy: SSL encrypted cluster (without IP tracker and third-party tracking tools)
  • Free account 5000 clicks and grabs
  • Integration: sickle beard, sofa potato, headset, sabnzbd, sonar, nzbget, nzbvortex and nzb360
  • 80 newsgroups over NZ $900000
  • The indexer is updated every 15 minutes
  • Retention period: unspecified
  • No invitation required
  • Easy to start and search
  • Strongly support

How to register on Althub?


How to earn from althub?

Althub has links and functions to help users better understand its platform. They have a very simple website, a basic search engine, and no ads cluttering their pages.

In addition, althub finds nzb360 very useful as your NZB manager, and althub can easily track your downloads through mobile applications.

You can earn income by applying for each type of cryptomoneta every 5 minutes, but during this period, you can apply to other cryptomonetas. In order to make money, you need to solve a small anti robot and a fairly fast link. A few claims a day is enough to accumulate coins. The site is well done with graphics, and you can access all parts from a convenient menu on the left side of the screen, always in the view. In fact, the website is divided into three parts, the claim part, the miner part and the bonus and recommendation center. In addition, there is a dashboard with its own balance sheet and a convenient screen showing the remaining percentage of each coin.

Althub withdrawal

Withdraw income by transferring “Satoshi” accumulated in personal wallet. The minimum payment is quite low and varies by coin. There is a clearly visible button on the claim screen to request cancellation. Payment will arrive in your wallet within 24 hours.

Althub Referral program


There is a reference system that allows you to earn 20% of each claim. The reference link is located on a dedicated page and can be accessed from the “always visible” menu on the left of each section of the website.

Althub offers free and paid services, the latter at a lower cost. Their free trial period includes the right to use the service for 14 days. After the trial period, they belong to the category of “expired / free” members. Users can upgrade to a reasonably priced annual subscription through the following functions:

Users with expired trial accounts must manually download from the website and cannot access the API. On the other hand, users with altyear program have unlimited API and NZB, but will be limited by althub’s fair use policy. The website records requests per second and minutes, and encourages users to download for at least 10 minutes at a time. Failure to comply with these rules may result in temporary or permanent injunctions.

Althub offers two memberships. Usenet index service provides you with paid and free membership options. For registered users, there is a separate member layer called “alttrial”, althub allows users to evaluate indexing services without purchasing. This layer allows you to download a total of 5000 NZB and 5000 API clicks. This trial period lasts for 14 days, after which users will move to the free layer.

Free member tier users named “expired” can only manually download NZB files from the website and have no access to the API. This means that users who want to automatically download using services such as couchpotato must obtain advanced membership.


The premium member is called altannual subscription, which provides users with a truly unlimited experience. Users can download any number of nzbs, and they have an unlimited number of API calls. These users can receive up to 10 invitations to this indexer.

Althub may not have many functions, but because of its very reasonable price, althub does have a bit of self redemption. The annual membership fee is only $10, which gives you access to the unlimited program. If you have enough patience, you can even get a better deal. Indexers usually have holiday transactions, and you can get a five-year subscription at a one-year price. Even if you just want althub as a backup indexer, it’s certainly worth it.

The Usenet indexer offers free membership, and even althub’s premium subscription is low-cost. If your budget is tight, this may be exactly what you want.


Is althub worth it?

Althub is a Usenet NZB indexer that allows you to search the Usenet server for the content or file you are looking for. Althub is headquartered in South Africa, unlike most indexers, which are usually located in Europe. The website initially launched the operation of “nmatel. Co Za” in 2012, but then switched to the current domain name and branding in mid-2015.

The service implements the popular newsnab platform, in which variants are used for most major Usenet search services. The main purpose of this service is to search and download NZB files manually and through automation. Although althub allows you to get NZB of the files you need, if you really want to download althub, you need something else. A Usenet provider like Usenet server allows you to access Usenet newsgroups, which is absolutely necessary. The news reader software will allow you to get the downloaded NZB file and actually get the content from it.

In general, althub is a good Usenet indexer for anyone who wants to try a new index. However, althub has nothing to stand out from many Usenet search services. However, this is certainly not a bad choice, because free trial does not need to be purchased, which can help you understand whether the service is useful to you. This is a reasonable price, so it’s certainly an option when considering a new Usenet indexer, especially if you’re looking for a backup option. You need a Usenet service provider to use althub, and we have completed the research for you. Please check our suggestions at the best Usenet service provider.


Althub is not a perfect NZB website for free users, but the annual subscription price of althub is much lower than that of other indexers. Their website is fast and secure, and althub’s services include full integration with a variety of software. However, it is not clear what their retention rate is, but due to the competitive characteristics of paid services, althub is definitely worth checking, especially in the occasional promotion season.

We would like to reiterate that by downloading manually, you need the best news readers and/or providers, which can be easily found on our website. This will make you enjoy browsing and downloading as much as possible.

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