What is Allcoins.pw? ls Allcoins.pw legit or scam? How do we use the auto claiming process? What is the earning rate? In this Allcoins review, I’m going to share with you the variety of services offered on the Allcoins.pw including the features, benefits, pros and cons, etc. Hope it will be helpful for you to decide whether to try Allcoins.pw. Come and see how Allcoins.pw works.

What is Allcoins.pw?


Allcoins.pw is a brand faucet site for over 13 different crypto currencies(until now), we are on a mission to add more to that list too, but that’s not all we are, Allcoins.pw are working towards building a lovely happy community in our Chat room, we have our own crypto exchange (or crypto price tool), web miner & command miner, auto faucet and referral system.Allcoins.pw has done their  utmost to provide a easy to use website with all you faucet needs in the click of a button, don’t forget to try games too.

  • Claim: 40 satoshi every 5 minutes
  • Min. Withdrawal: 15,000 satoshi
  • Ref. Commission: 25%

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Allcoins.pw Legit or Scam?

Allcoins.pw is certainly not a scam, it is a legitimate faucet site. It has a 4.2 rating on trustpilot. And users will frequently update their experience. At the same time, it ranks sixth in FoxyRating, with a rating of four and 125 reviews. Its status is legit. This shows that the reliability of this faucet site is very strong.

Allcoins trustpilot review

How to earn from Allcoins.pw

Allcoins.pw provides six ways to get the currency you want, the following is a list of methods you can refer to start your currency journey.

Classic Faucet 

Allcoins.pw  has two different faucets to claim from. classic faucet is the one and familiar way to gain currency. Allcoins.pw is a faucet where you can earn over thirteen distinctive coins. You can declare each and every 6 minutes from their faucet. It should be noted here that there will be more verification steps, and the amount of each currency will be different. You can double it according to your needs, etc.

Allcoins classic faucet

Auto Faucet

There is additionally an auto faucet the place you can declare through maintaining the window open. You will acquire two auto claims each and every day you log in. If you favor extra claims, you can get four claims for free every time you go to a link.

allcoins auto faucet


Also, mining can be executed to earn extra, you can use CMD miner at Allcoins.pw you want to download the miner and run it in your CMD. If you don’t choose to download anything, you are free to use their net miner supplied by using JSEcoin. Beware, mining makes use of your computer/phone assets solely mine if you are aware of what it does.

Allcoins mining


If you like playing games, then Allcoins.pw is a good choice. There are different games.Playing video games is additionally possible, you can play VegaDice, Harvest, and Bitcoin Puzzle. You can play via paying any quantity you choose to supply and if you win, you’ll get more. (gambling)

Allcoins game

PTC ads

Another way is the PTC ads. The PTC section has two unique types, Ads with 30 seconds and Ads with short links. You will get paid 7 satoshis per view. You can promote for money in addition to PTC ads. You can promote your link in two ways: by using a timer or by using short links.

Users will see your website for at least 30 seconds if you choose the first option. There is no timer with another option, customers can leave whenever they want, and short links will be ignored, resulting in extremely poor advertising rates!

allcoins ptc ads


By completing surveys, visiting certain websites, viewing videos, and other things, you can earn more bitcoin on Offerwall. After a task is validated by the provider, the Offerwall will pay you a reward.

allcoins offerwall

Affiliate/referral Program. 

Of course there is a referral program  that everyone is familiar with. For every referral that you referred to the site and claims from the faucet will get you a 25% commission. You can also use their banners to get more exposure.The more you refer the more you earn. 

Allcoins referral program

In summary, Allcoins.pw provides five ways for users to obtain cryptocurrency, which is very interesting and there are many ways to choose.

How to level up Allcoins.pw

There is another way to increase your currency amount in Allcoins.pw , which is to upgrade your level. The currency amount corresponding to different grades is different. Every time you do something on Allcoins.pw you will get XP used to stage up and get advantages.

  • 1 XP per Faucet claim or referral claim
  • 50 XP per provide on OfferWall
  • 1 XP per Game Bet
  • 2 XP per gained on the chat Quiz
  • 2 XP per 10 sats earned on Command Miner

And extra XP on deposit, relying on the savings amount.For accomplishing a positive level, you will get rewarded.

How to withdraw

The good thing about Allcoins.pw is that there is no minimum amount required for withdrawal. Allcoins.pw only accepts GoGo.Monster to  withdraw coins. There are also two ways to help you speed up your withdrawal,Exchange & Deposit.


You can exchange your Allcoins.pw account for other cryptocurrencies in the exchange method. You can exchange alt for BTC or exchange BTC for other currencies such as alt…even exchange alt for another alt. This greatly increases the chance of withdrawal.

allcoins exchange


If you want to speed up the withdrawal of cash, you can also use deposit to make up for the missing amount, but there is a drawback. Allcoins will charge you a 1% handling fee.

allcoins deposit


When we have earned cryptocurrency, we must want to know how to withdraw cash. We need to know a few rules on this Allcoins.pw. Click the withdrawal icon on the left, you will see the balance of different currencies and the wallet address.If you haven’t submitted your wallet address, you can visit the link to the personal profile settings to fill in the address, make sure to put it on the correct coin, and every time you change or add a new address, you need to fill in the password. 

One thing to note here is that they may not even have a wallet because they will continue to add more coins.If this happens, the only way is to exchange them until they are available. Before they process the withdrawal, you need to click on the confirmation link. Kindly remind you that if you don’t click on it, the transaction will be automatically cancelled after 12 hours. Even if canceled, you still have to pay.

Allcoins.pw Pros

  • Lots of ways to earn!
  • Supports 13 cryptocurrencies!
  • No Fees for Withdrawal!
  • User-friendly mobile app
  • Update constantly
  • Has chat board

Allcoins.pw Cons

  • The withdrawal procedure is a bit complicated
  • few PTC links.
  • many popups when browsing

Is Allcoins.pw Worthy?

Allcoins.pw is a multi crypto faucet the place you can pick out BTC, DOGE, LTC, Potcoin, Ethereum and others.You can use Allcoins.pw on a smartphone, so this faucet can declare each and every four minutes. There are additionally video games to bet also there is a AutoFaucet , mining, chat, messaging.Allcoins.pw offers an exchange,users can switch their feelings , questions and feedbacks.Referral bonus of 25% of your referrals winnings.A very nice thing, it is sufficient to fill a easy captcha of the kind “solve media” to gain the currency. This makes it beautiful and effortless to use.

allcoins worthy


Allcoins.pw is a legitimate faucet, and users on some websites have rated them very well, and we have received some payments from them. You can do many things on the website, such as mining, completing quotes, playing games, and so on. The only drawback is the high withdrawal fees and many pop-up windows when browsing.


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