Due to its distinct features, the Ad Dragon platform is the best substitute for other ad networks like Coinzilla and Google Adsense.

What Is Ad Dragon

Ad Dragon, a platform for advertising, was founded in 2019 and has quickly become the top online advertising marketplace in the world. The platform frequently rolls out new features to assist its users in increasing their revenue.

The first Ethereum-based platform in the world, Ad Dragon, aims to advance the cryptocurrency market. In cryptocurrency, all payments are made. Ad Dragon provides publishers with the ideal ecosystem to increase their revenue with the assistance of its young and talented team members.

Their main objective is to completely transform the online advertising sector, and to that end, they have implemented the newest marketing model—peer-to-peer advertising through an online marketplace. Additionally, they make use of the most recent in decentralized blockchain technology for marketing purposes.

Peer-to-peer marketing via the online market place has been introduced by the network as a new form of advertising to achieve the objective of changing the internet market. It is interesting to note that they created a decentralized blockchain technology that offers its users cutting-edge payment options.

Due to its distinctive features, including privacy-focused advertising and a network free from censorship, mass surveillance, and data harvesting, the platform is the best substitute for other ad networks like Coinzilla and Google Adsense.

Ad Dragon For Advertisers:

Ad Dragon gives advertisers complete control over ad placement, in contrast to other well-known cryptocurrency ad networks that use algorithms to manage the placement of advertisers’ ads across publisher websites. The platform serves as a conduit to link publishers and advertisers.

Additionally, since there are no algorithms in place to regulate ad placement, advertisers are free to place their ads however they see fit. They can choose the platform or publishers of their choice.

It’s simple to sign up as a buyer, browse the marketplace for advertising services, check out the products, pay, and wait for the delivery.

How Does Ad Dragon Benefit The Advertisers?

Advertisers can access world-wide, high-quality traffic through Ad Dragon without worrying about their privacy being invaded. The best location for displaying ads is up to the advertiser. Additionally, the support managers assist in creating a variety of campaign development strategies.

The ability to manage ads helps marketers launch their campaigns more successfully. Additionally, the platform aids advertisers in selecting the media that will generate the highest levels of sales.

Ad Dragon places a strong emphasis on offering cutting-edge ad formats that can bypass ad blockers; some of these formats include sponsored content, press releases, influencer marketing, podcast marketing, and sponsored articles.

Benefits For Advertisers

Many different advertisers put their trust in the Ad Dragon advertising network to purchase the goods and promote their businesses. Here are some of the unique benefits of Ad Dragon for advertisers:

  • They connect advertisers to publishers in a transparent way, without involving any illegal intermediates
  • The latest ad formats made it possible for getting across ad blockers
  • They provide highest yields for return of interest (ROI)
  • Geo-tracking tools help the advertisers to target and narrow down their audiences
  • A team of experienced managers ready to help in making marketing campaigns
  • Sales team assists you in finding the right product for you
  • Full control over ad placements
  • Advertising can use campaign tracking tool to track to monitor the performance of their campaigns
  • They offer high-quality traffic
  • CPM model

Ad Dragon Review: Ad Dragon Marketplace

Authors of content or publishers can set up shop on the Ad Dragon marketplace and sell their advertisements. No contracts, lock-ins, or other restrictions must be posted by publishers on their websites. It uses blockchain technology to operate as a free market.

Customers can search for the products of their choice and get in touch with sellers to finalize the deal. There is no chance of data collection or privacy invasion because the entire process is very transparent. Your ad placements can be manually adjusted, and as soon as a sale is made, the earnings are displayed right away on the panel.

You can track real-time impressions, clicks, leads, and purchases as well as the effectiveness of your campaigns. Additionally, the support staff will work with you to create various marketing campaigns for your company. Every payment is made on time and in cryptocurrency.

Ad Dragon For Publishers

Ad Dragon provides publishers (sellers) with a variety of features that enable them to increase their income. Publishers can register as sellers on the platform, create an online store, and start selling advertising products.

The ability to set their own prices means that publishers have complete control over how much they charge for the ads. Only 5% of the publisher’s profits will be retained by the platform. Additionally, they can benefit from other features like attributes, geo-targeting, and analytics. Ad Dragon is among the Best CPM Ad Networks that we have listed.

Ad Dragon Review: Benefits For Publishers

By joining Ad Dragon, publishers get access to following features:

  • With Ad Dragon, publishers receive instantaneous ethereum-based cryptocurrency payouts that are automatic.
  • Publishers are free to set their own advertising prices because Ad Dragon has no control over CPM rates.
  • Publishers are astounded that 95% of their revenue comes from advertising.
  • Websites don’t need to contain any contracts, lock-ins, or codes.
  • Sellers can list crucial metrics like CTR, audience size, and other helpful data using the attributes feature.
  • Tool sellers can monitor their earnings and generate statistical reports with the aid of analytics.
  • Any offer and ad placements on your sites are entirely up to you to accept or reject.

Requirements for Publishers

Although there are no particular requirements for publishers at Ad Dragon, the platform is subject to American law.

What Makes Ad Dragon A Good Fit For You?

The world’s first DeFi advertising platform, Ad Dragon, provides its buyers and sellers with a number of special features. The platform is welcoming a lot of new advertisers and publishers. Because it offers a free and privacy-focused advertising marketplace with cutting-edge blockchain technology, Ad Dragon is the best substitute for other well-known advertising networks.

They concentrate on giving content creators and advertisers access to limitless features so they can increase their revenue. So, the Ad Dragon is worth a shot if you’re tired of trying every crypto network but still not making as much money as you expected.

Ad Dragon Review: Monetization Methods

Ad Dragon assists its publishers in monetizing their websites quickly and profitably. The analytics and statistical tools will assist you in regularly tracking your campaigns, website traffic, visitor response, impressions, monthly progress, and many other things.

Comparatively speaking to other crypto platforms, Ad Dragon keeps a very low commission of only 5% of the publisher’s earnings. All you need to do is create a store and set the prices; Ad Dragon will take care of the rest. Sellers who use the platform have the chance to improve their monetization abilities.

Ad Dragon Review: Do We Recommend It?

Ad Dragon is the top online marketplace for advertising services in the world, making it a recommendation that we do make. It is the best advertising platform. They offer a marketplace that prioritizes privacy and is unrestricted from data collection and surveillance. Furthermore, blockchain technology offers remedies for payment-related problems.

Publishers receive immediate cryptocurrency payouts with Ad Dragon, while advertisers have complete control over ad placements. You might think about giving Ad Dragon a try if you’re an advertiser looking for the best marketing solutions and high-quality traffic. Publishers can profit greatly by easily and safely monetizing their websites.


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